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Celebrating one year of support: Salford and Kyiv joined together in landmark twinning project

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Salford Business School (@salfordbizsch), part of the University of Salford, and the State University of Trade and Economics (SUTE), Kyiv, are celebrating a fantastic year of special partnership. Twinned together under the UK-Ukraine Twinning Project, which was established in 2022 in response to the Russia-Ukraine war, the two universities have seen a real benefit to working collaboratively across international borders in a way that has been beneficial for students studying in both the UK and Ukraine.

Established in 1959 and situated in the Ukrainian capital, SUTE and Salford Business School share a similar ethos in terms of vision, subject disciplines and a focus on industry collaboration.

In 2023, a number of achievements were reached by the two universities by working in partnership.

In October 2023, the SUTE-Salford Panel Discussion series project was launched, allowing students and staff to come together and learn from each other while discussing topics of mutual interest. The first three sessions were led by Salford on topics chosen by SUTE, with the following three sessions led by SUTE on topics chosen by Salford.

The Learning and Teaching Enhancement Centre (LTEC), part of the University of Salford, also provided educational guidance resources to SUTE, helping them to move their focus towards a European-model academic system, in line with the institution’s strategic aims.

Furthermore, the two universities have been preparing joint research funding bids during 2023, and sharing opportunities to present at conferences.

So, what’s planned for 2024? Part two of the panel discussion series will begin in February 2024, with SUTE hosting the sessions this time around. There will be an increased focus around equity, diversity and inclusion, with a particular focus on gender equality in line with both universities’ EDI strategies. These projects will see the two students unions become connected, further enhancing opportunities for students at both institutions for international collaboration.

Dr Simon Ireland, Salford Business School Lead for International Partnerships, commented:

“The passion and knowledge of all those involved in this project was a joy to be a part of. At Salford, we are always keen to expand our international networks, recognising the increasing globalisation of the market and helping to bolster employability skills for our students. However, to consider international collaboration in an abstract form is easy, while to action it requires a dedicated team of people. I’d like to thank our partners at SUTE for their commitment and passion in making this partnership such a success. I look forward to celebrating more achievements in 2024!”

Dr Daria Ivashchenko, Associate Professor for the Department of International, Civil and Commercial Law, and Head of the International Office at SUTE, added:

“We have developed a solid regular co-operative way of working based on cross-cultural dialogue with Salford Business School. We are on track to continue to deliver against our defined aims and beyond in 2024, and will continue to work closely with colleagues at Salford to deliver the best outcomes for our students.”

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