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Dubai franchisee of Scottish EdTech provider is first to launch coding classes


Children in the United Arab Emirates will be learning coding classes thanks to technology pioneered by Glasgow-based British Youth International College (BYITC).

Veerendra Sawai, a UAE-based entrepreneur and engineer, has become a BYITC franchisee having taught the company’s most popular programme, Supermaths, where instructor-led online classes are being conducted for kids in the area.

The Abacus method teaches students how to calculate complex sums first with a physical abacus board, and then through visualisation. Such has been the success of the abacus classes that Veerendra has now expanded to also offer coding classes.

He said:

“In Dubai, coding is currently all the rage, and BYITC is already leading the way with a cutting-edge programme. Its impressive integrated platform and a one-of-a-kind application for providing knowledge is both innovative and inspiring for everyone involved.

“This programme represents an enjoyable and interactive learning experience and has gained significant popularity due to its flexibility and appeal for children.

“I have a real passion for education and firmly believe that the principles of engineering, such as innovation, structured problem-solving, and a commitment to constant improvement, can serve as powerful tools in shaping the minds of young individuals.

“Over the past six years, I have been actively engaged and closely connected to the education sector in both the UAE and India.”

BYITC started in 2015 when its founder, Dr Rashmi Mantri, taught her son, Dhruv, who was struggling with basic arithmetic how to use the abacus. Spotting a gap in the market, the software engineer-turned entrepreneur started her business which has since grown organically and taught thousands of students globally.

She said:

“We are committed to developing and teaching the next generation of STEM superstars and we know from experience what works when delivering lessons, so it is fantastic to see Veerendra and his franchise perform so well and add more classes to children in the UAE.

“It’s particularly gratifying as our hard work building this model ourselves is paying off. We have ambitious growth plans and are currently in discussions with potential franchisees in North America and elsewhere as well as in England.”

Information on the franchising opportunity can be found here

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