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Empowering Educators with AI Tools and Championing Sustainability in Education

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2023 was a tough year for school leaders and educators, how can we make 2024 a better year for them?

Some of the key challenges educators faced last year were revealed in a Twinkl survey and the key findings were as follows:

  • Over 83% of educators experienced work-related stress or burnout in the past year, with 35% attributing this to workload and 15% reporting anxiety or panic. That more than 4 in 5 educators share these negative experiences indicates the scale of the problem in education. This widespread problem suggests the need for large-scale, sector-wide responses.
  • 48% identified having more time and a reduction in workload as the key changes that would support their wellbeing and effectiveness as educators. The focus on workload as key to wellbeing echoes the Department for Education’s ongoing ambition to decrease teacher workload, but this suggests that more needs to be done to reduce teacher workload.

Unleashing the Potential of AI in the Classroom

The education landscape is witnessing a surge in AI-powered tools introduced by EdTech organisations, and Twinkl has been a trailblazer in this field. Their innovative AI tools, such as a report writer and a personal AI teaching assistant named “Ari,” are revolutionising the way educators teach and interact with students. Teachers across the world are using Ari to help plan lessons and speed up admin tasks, while tools such as the AI PowerPoint Quiz Generator help teachers quickly create quizzes to assess children’s knowledge. 

These tools aim to streamline tasks, enabling educators to personalise materials based on individual skill levels, addressing learning gaps caused by disruptions.

Furthermore, AI also provides the following:

Adaptive Learning: Twinkl’s AI tools allow you to personalise learning journeys by tailoring resources to individual student needs and learning styles. This ensures optimal engagement and knowledge retention.

Immersive Learning Experiences: Twinkl’s AI-powered games and puzzles bring abstract concepts to life, sparking curiosity and fostering deeper understanding.

“It is easy to use and saves time when trying to share information with staff. The tool allows you to set a target and then work towards it in a way that is intuitive and meets the needs of my learners,” 

says a SEND Teacher who uses Twinkl AI tools. 

While a KS2 Teacher said, 

“I have used the AI tool for lesson ideas and also to create worksheets which are linked to the topic we are covering.”

Jon Park, Artificial Intelligence Product Owner at Twinkl, said

“Most teachers know the pressure of a never-ending to-do list. Twinkl AI is here to help. Our range of AI-powered tools are here to speed up those tasks which take time away from classroom teaching, saving you time and energy, and allowing you to focus on the things that truly matter.”

These AI-powered tools empower educators to focus on their core role: inspiring and nurturing young minds. By streamlining administrative tasks and offering personalised learning pathways, Twinkl equips teachers to cater to diverse needs and maximise student potential.

Paving the Way for a Sustainable Future

Twinkl underlines the collaborative effort required to achieve these goals. With a focus on sustainability leads in educational settings, they aim to empower educators, administrators, and even students to contribute collectively to a more sustainable future.

Eco-conscious Resources: Twinkl offers a comprehensive library of curriculum-aligned resources that teach students about environmental issues, green practices, and responsible citizenship.

Net-Zero Education Initiative: Twinkl is committed to sustainability and is evaluating its own environmental impact. It also provides schools with resources to implement sustainable practices within their institutions.

Community Building: Twinkl fosters collaboration among educators, parents, and the community through online forums and resources, promoting collective action towards a sustainable future.

“Twinkl is reaching out to other organisations in the sustainability and climate change sector to work collectively on a common goal and is part of the National Climate Education Action Plan group working alongside the DfE and other notable organisations,” explained Kat Oakes, Sustainability Product Owner at Twinkl.

By providing teachers with engaging learning materials and fostering a collaborative spirit, Twinkl empowers schools to play a vital role in preparing responsible and eco-conscious citizens for tomorrow’s world.

Twinkl’s dedication to AI-powered tools and sustainability initiatives demonstrates its commitment to transforming education. By providing educators with the resources and support they need to create vibrant, personalised learning environments and instil a sense of environmental responsibility in their students, Twinkl is helping to shape a brighter future.

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If you want to check out Twinkl’s AI tools directly and to learn how we can help you reduce your workload, visit our AI Hub.

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