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learndirect Launches Cyber Security Courses to Meet UK’s Growing Demand for Cyber Skills 

With the UK government revealing that there are significant skills gaps and shortages in cyber security, learndirect has launched a new course programme designed to boost employability in this sector. 

As a digital-first society, with many daily processes and business operations being digitised, the risk of cyber security breaches has increased across the globe. 

Despite this, according to government research, 50% of all UK businesses surveyed reported a basic cyber security skills gap, with 33% claiming to have an advanced cyber security skills gap. 

The demand for job roles in this sector increased by 44% this year compared to 2022, with 160,035 cyber security vacancies posted, but 37% of those positions were reported as ‘hard-to-fill’. 

To combat the skills gap and meet the increasing demand, the UK’s leading online education provider learndirect has launched two brand-new online courses that can lead people into the cyber security sector. 

From today, hopefuls can enrol on a Cyber Security University Degree Pathway, developed by leading 21st-century Awarding Organisation Qualifi. 

The course represents Year 1 and Year 2 of a degree in cyber security. Upon completion, learners will progress to their third and final year at one of learndirect’s partnered universities. 

Alternatively, learners may want to start out with a Cyber Security Boot Camp, which consists of an 8-week course that will take someone from beginner to skilled in quick time. 

Wayne Janse van Rensburg, Group Chief Executive Officer at learndirect, said:

“As the UK’s leading online education provider, we take great pride in delivering qualifications that can put people’s careers on an upwards trajectory. By adding cyber security to our established portfolio, we’re entering a sector that is crying out for skilled cyber professionals. Our offer of flexible online learning opens the door to many aspiring talents, who can learn and perfect their craft before pursuing a rewarding career in the cyber security industry, one that is only going to grow.” 

As well as there being a high demand for professionals in this sector, the industry is experiencing a shortage of females, with government research claiming that only 17% of the cyber workforce is female, down from 22% in 2022. 

learndirect’s move into the cyber security space gives them a platform to encourage the increase of women in STEM, with a significant portion of their demographic being female. 

This newest course faculty joins an extensive portfolio of nationally and internationally recognised qualifications across a range of industries, including healthcare, fitness, teaching and education, dental nursing, animal care and more. 

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