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London School of Economics partners with Ekimetrics


Data science and AI solutions leader, Ekimetrics. has announced it is partnering with London School of Economics’ Data Science Institute to deliver a programme of interactive sessions focused on how to use data to drive both sustainability and business performance, as part of EkiVision 2022.

EkiVision 2022 sees Nobel Prize winner and best-selling author, Daniel Kahneman, in conversation with Ekimetrics’ CEO, Jean-Baptiste Bouzige, with debates featuring L’Oréal’s Global Chief Digital and Marketing Officer, Asmita Dubey, Isabelle Bajeux-Besnainou of Carnegie Mellon’s Tapper Business School, Nicolas Miailhe, Founder of The Future Society and Phillipe Rambach, Chief AI Officer at Schneider Electric.

These interviews and debates will examine how to remove the obstacles to successful data transformation, the psychology and inertia of change and how to implement AI to accelerate it.

Students and Alumni have been invited to take part in roundtables, skills sessions and Q&As with academic and industry experts to consider how organisations can best balance the needs for commercial success while tackling climate change, and how they can reinvent business models, use technology and overcome barriers to do so.

Caroline Milliotte, Global Head of Sustainability at Ekimetrics said,

“Despite the urgent and evident need for serious action from all quarters on sustainability issues, we still need to see business and government step up to the plate. If we’re to tackle the depletion of natural resources, biodiversity and climate change alongside ongoing human development, we need a new approach. There are still swathes of firms that are ‘greenwashing’ but delivering little meaningful impact. And while government could undoubtedly do more, it’s often difficult for business leaders to make the right calls, especially when faced with the need to deliver shareholder value.

“However, by using data science and AI to interrogate everything from supply chain to product development and marketing, businesses can understand where best to focus their efforts. This will ensure that they move beyond paying lip service, to actions grounded in real world impact which also deliver the business performance shareholders demand.

“We’re thrilled to be working with LSE’s Data Science Institute to bridge this gap and shape sustainability-focused business and data science leaders of the future.”

Professor Ken Benoit, LSE Data Science Institute Director added,

“Sustainability is a key aspect across a diverse array of research topics. Working with businesses such as Ekimetrics means we can help shift the dial in the here and now of the real world, both through research and by equipping people with the skills and quality of thinking necessary to make significant change. It’s imperative that we do.”

While the LSE programme is by invitation only, you can register to access the EkiVision interviews and debates which will take place on 8th December at 10am.

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