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Raheem Sterling Inspires Scholarship Recipients in Educational Milestone

Raheem Sterling has met with the first four recipients of scholarships funded by the Raheem Sterling Foundation. These scholarships mark a significant step in the partnership between the University of Manchester and King’s College London, initiated in April of this year.

The Raheem Sterling Foundation has made a commitment to grant 14 scholarships over the next three years to young individuals of Black, African, and Caribbean heritage. This initiative aims to facilitate their enrolment at these prestigious universities.

This partnership between the Raheem Sterling Foundation and the universities intends to help address the attainment gap experienced by Black British students, promote social mobility, and support equal access to higher education.

Raheem Sterling met personally with the scholarship recipients, attentively listening to their stories and aspirations for the future. He stressed the transformative power of education, encouraging the students to remain dedicated to their goals and strive for their potential.

Reflecting on the meeting, Raheem Sterling stated, ”I’m honoured to have met these exceptional young people as they begin their journey with the University of Manchester and King’s College London. Education is essential for change, and through the Foundation, we want to create a lasting impact on the lives of all scholarship recipients. We will be supporting them through their studies, their future careers, and look forward to following their progress over the coming years.”

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Image shows: Raheem Sterling meeting Professor Sir Cary Cooper, 50th Anniversary Professor of Organisational Psychology and Health at the Manchester Business School, University of Manchester and Luke Taylor, Deputy Director (Development) Division of Development and Alumni Relations at University of Manchester. ©️ Playmaker. 

Professor Sir Cary Cooper, 50th Anniversary Professor of Organisational Psychology and Health at the Manchester Business School, University of Manchester said, “We are incredibly proud of our partnership with the Raheem Sterling Foundation and delighted to welcome the first Raheem Sterling Foundation Scholars to Manchester this year. Education is a powerful vehicle for change, and representation matters. Raheem’s vision and generosity reflects Manchester’s own commitment to ensuring that our student body truly reflects the diversity of talent in our communities.

‘’The Raheem Sterling Foundation Scholarships are unlocking transformational opportunities for Black British talent in Greater Manchester, helping students to access and progress through higher education, free of financial challenges.

Our Scholars are at the beginning of an exciting journey thanks to Raheem’s support. As the programme grows in future years, they will become part of a wider network of Raheem Sterling Foundation Scholars – we can’t wait to see what they will achieve.”

Michael Bennet, Associate Director of Social Mobility and Widening Participation at King’s College London said, “Its wonderful to welcome the first Raheem Sterling Foundation scholars to King’s and to see them embark on their higher education journeys. We are extremely proud to be a leading university for widening participation and social mobility, which reflects our strong commitment to supporting underrepresented groups into higher education, throughout their university experiences and to become the change-makers of the future.”

The scholarships cover tuition fees, accommodation expenses, and other essential educational costs, removing financial barriers that may hinder these students’ academic journeys.

A scholarship recipient studying at University of Manchester said, “Meeting Raheem Sterling and the Foundation team was a privilege and I had such a great time. He was down to earth and showed real interest in my education and life. Meeting him gave me the encouragement that I have an important contribution to make to society and a greater purpose than myself. The scholarship has definitely been very beneficial as it has eliminated the debt burden of attending university, placed me in good stead for the future, and has allowed me to allocate a huge amount of time to Law, which is a rigorous course. One key thing that stood out to me is that Raheem had a willingness to invest into my future through supporting my studies. For that’s reason I want to say I am very thankful and honoured. Raheem Sterling and the Foundation, I hope this investment will produce great returns!”

Another scholarship recipient studying at University of Manchester said, “I had the honour of meeting Raheem Sterling and my expectations were exceeded. He was the kindest and most attentive person who genuinely cared about our lives. He and his team even remembered the letter I wrote to them, showing just how much they care. The scholarship means the world to me; to be a first generation university student graduating with little debt means the world. Money has always been a stressor in my life and now because of Mr. Sterling it no longer is. I can finally afford to live my life.”

A scholarship recipient studying at King’s said, “I am incredibly grateful to be receiving this scholarship, it has added more reason to keep striving in my academic endeavours at King’s. This money is going to be used to further my learning and to support myself through my undergraduate course. Raheem and everyone involved in the foundation have been very welcoming and I intend to make the most out of this wonderful opportunity.”

Another King’s scholarship recipient said, “I’m very grateful to have received this scholarship. It’s lifted a huge financial burden from my shoulders, allowing me to dedicate myself to my studies and take full advantage of the university experience.”

The Raheem Sterling Foundation, in its ongoing commitment to creating positive change, continues to invest in education, foster creativity, and advance social mobility initiatives within various communities. The Foundation is unwavering in its dedication to empowering the next generation and strives to build a brighter and more equitable future for all.

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