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Two countries. One vision. Coople celebrates 1 million users within the community.


Coople, the leading digital staffing platform, has reached an impressive milestone of one million registered workers in the UK and Switzerland. This success reflects the company’s exponential growth in recent years. Early on, Coople recognised the importance of digitalisation for temporary work and has been focusing on it ever since. In the UK, the company is currently registering more than 10,000 new flexible workers per month and counts a total of more than 350,000.

Moving into the future of flexible work

Since April 2016, the Coople Jobs app has been publicly and freely available in the UK. Workers can use the app to find and accept temporary jobs based on their preferences and flexibility.  

Coople’s rapidly growing popularity has attracted countless talented people looking for more flexibility. Workers from a variety of industries are increasingly joining the platform and discovering the innovative solutions that modern work opportunities can offer. This underlines Coople’s ongoing commitment to connecting workers with the right companies at the right time. 

So far in 2023, over 150,000 new users have registered worldwide, with an average age of 29. Coople provides flexible workers for short and long term assignments in the hospitality, retail, logistics, events and promotions as well as in the commercial sector. The average job performance rating of Cooplers registered this year who have already completed shifts is an excellent 3.67 out of 4 stars. 

As the employer of temporary workers who are placed with hiring companies, Coople takes full responsibility for ensuring that flexible or temporary work is fair, rewarding, and socially secure. 

Wide-ranging motivations for working flexibly: A look into the world of Cooplers

The majority of new users have heard about Coople from friends or family who already use the app, and there are different reasons for choosing flexible work. Some people value the opportunity to be as flexible as possible in their working lives and to be in control of their work. Others are looking for extra income to improve their financial situation or cover basic living costs. Another driving force is the opportunity to acquire new skills, make better use of existing ones or expand one’s network. 

Currently, the photo and video competition‘We are Cooplers’ offers exciting insights into the experiences of flexible workers from different backgrounds and age groups. 

A recipe for future success

Particularly in times of a persistent shortage of skilled workers, the flexible work options Coople offers its users are a vital tool in attracting and retaining talent, as well as re-engaging returning professionals. Combined with a commitment to successfully matching qualified workers with the right companies, Coople has been able to consolidate and steadily expand its leading position in the digital recruitment industry. 

Or, as the founder of Coople, Viktor Calabrò, puts it:  

“With our ever-expanding range of short-term and also, increasingly, long-term jobs, we support many Cooplers in adapting their work to their individual lives, rather than the other way round. We work tirelessly to achieve this and are proud to be able to offer so many opportunities to our growing community. With its digital approach, Coople takes into account the growing demand for flexibility and enables temporary workers to work in a self-determined way and hiring companies to plan their staff according to demand.” 

What’s next for Coople?

Coople started in the hospitality and events sectors and has a reputation for providing qualified staff for short term assignments in record time. Over the past few years, the company has expanded its offering to provide more and more staff in other sectors such as logistics, retail and the commercial sector. These jobs can last for several months or even years. 

Coople’s next big goal is to become known as the platform where companies can meet all their temporary staffing needs, regardless of the duration of the assignment. Guided by the mission. ‘The Job App to build a better life’, Coople is committed to expanding the range of opportunities on its platform to provide work for as many people as possible, whether they are looking to supplement their income with an occasional shift, or find a full-time role. 

By leveraging technology, Coople can respond to the growing demand for flexibility in unprecedented ways. The company enables temporary workers to work where and when it suits them, and companies to manage their workforce based on customer demand. 

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