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Remit Training rated ‘Outstanding’ overall by Ofsted

The leadership of Remit Training has praised the hard work and effort of all of their colleagues, clients and apprentices after Ofsted inspectors judged the apprenticeship training provider to be ‘outstanding’ overall.

Among the many strong areas of performance highlighted in the Ofsted report are Remit Training’s curriculum design and “high-quality” teaching resources including online platforms.

The inspectors observed that the Group’s automotive apprentices learn in “exceptionally equipped classrooms and workshops that match the latest industry standards”.

Ofsted also found that apprentices’ behaviour, conduct and attitudes to learning are of a very high standard. Young apprentices develop their confidence and resilience well. Many are aged between 16 and 18 and away from home without a parent or guardian for the first time on block learning weeks at Remit Training automotive academies.

Recognition was given to the high participation and success rates achieved by Remit Training apprentices in UK and international competitions such as WorldSkills. Several have won gold and silver medals. The inspectors reported that the participation inspires others to take part.       

“Very strong partnerships” with employers

Remit Training have very strong and established partnerships with a wide range of employers, including high-profile companies, such as Scania, Volvo, MAN, Royal Mail, Arriva, Halfords, Starbucks, Morrisons, Waitrose and Stonegate. The provider’s successful consultations with employers were noted by Ofsted in respect of the development stage of apprenticeships to decide the content, training methods and timetabling.

The inspectors found that Remit Training’s leadership are very committed to staff development. Coaches have access to a suite of professional development courses and maintain their sector knowledge.

Inspectors noted how effectively development coaches plan the topics they teach in a logical and considered order so that apprentices can effectively build their knowledge over time. They use a relevant range of suitable teaching resources, including work booklets, handouts and case studies. These resources support apprentices to understand key concepts well.               

Remit Training CEO Sue Pittock OBE said,

“There is an appreciation that it’s currently a very challenging environment for apprenticeship training providers. The sector needs government support with an emergency uplift in apprenticeship funding bands and a reduction in the complexity of functional skills with appropriate funding to support this area.

“Being judged outstanding by Ofsted is testament to the exemplary teamwork seen among our apprentices, clients and colleagues. Our apprentices never fail to impress with their enthusiasm and commitment to their apprenticeship, and we couldn’t be prouder of them.   

“I would like to thank our clients for the excellent partnerships we have built and being so passionate about apprenticeships.

“A massive heartfelt thank-you goes to our amazing Remit Training colleagues.”

Remit Training’s inspection took place on 4-7 July 2023. Ofsted’s report of its inspection of ‘Remit Group Limited’ can be read here: 50226374 (

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