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United Colleges Group honours students in annual awards ceremonies 


United Colleges Group (@UCGLondon) hosted its 2024 Student of the Year Awards at City of Westminster College (CWC) and College of North West London (CNWL) — and both events were hailed as great occasions by everyone who attended. 

First up was CWC on Monday, June 24, where guests, including Councillor Robert Rigby (Lord Mayor of Westminster), were warmly welcomed with an introduction by James Wilson, Deputy Principal, UCG, and a Student Address from sports coach and alumni Elton Abrashi, before it was time for the highlight of the night — the prize-winners. 

One by one the top learners in faculties such as A Levels, Business, Science and Higher Education, Creative Industries and Digital, Lifelong Learning, Supported Learning and Teacher Training went up to collect their prizes in front of proud families and fellow students.  

Next up, several Special Awards were presented for Apprenticeship Student of the Year, Supported Internship Award, Work Experience Achievement Award, Student Enrichment Award, Student Council Award, Sports Award, Student Resilience Award, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Award, The Hill Dickinson Business Enterprise Award and finally Additional Learning Support Award

Stephen Davis, CEO and Group Principal, United Colleges Group, said: 

“UCG takes great pride in supporting our students in achieving their life goals — to go on to higher education, to learn vocational skills to take them forward into a new job or to progress in their current careers.   

“Our community of staff are passionate about recognising the whole student and championing their accomplishments that fall beyond their grades. We are delighted that our Student Awards help us to celebrate students’ unique contributions to the college and their careers that will undoubtedly help to set them up for future success.”    

CNWL honoured its top performers on Thursday, June 27, where Mayor of Brent Councillor Tariq Dar MBE was amongst the attendees. Angela Jackson, Deputy Principal, UCG, delivered the welcome speech to guests and CNWL alumni Ravina Jignesh gave the Student Address.  

CNWL presented curriculum awards for learners, followed by the Special Awards category, which includes the Student Resilience Award that recognises students who have fought all odds to follow their dreams at college, and the Student Enrichment Award that honours students who have gone above and beyond to support enrichment for themselves and their peers. 

Stephen Davis, CEO and Group Principal, United Colleges Group, added: 

“We have many examples of diverse types of success, from academic achievement, vocational excellence, and artistic vision — all of which have been achieved through commitment and hard work. We were also proud to celebrate the achievements of our students who have overcome personal challenges. 

“The success we are celebrating would not be possible without the expertise and dedication of our staff. I would like to thank all my colleagues within the college for their tireless devotion to helping our students succeed. 

“I hope everyone enjoyed the celebrations and in doing so gained a wider appreciation of the breadth and relevance of the work of the college in the community across London.” 

UCG award winners 

CWC A Levels, Business and Science Outstanding Student of the Year  Paria Feghh Hassanpour  
CWC A Levels, Business and Science Study Programme Student  
of the Year  
Zipporah Williams 
CWC A Levels, Business and Science Improving Student of the Year John Victor 
CWC A Levels, Business and Science Adult Learner of the Year Moreno Rios, Jessica 
CWC Engineering, Construction and the Built Environment  Outstanding Student of the Year  Tyler Green-Travis 
CWC Engineering, Construction and the Built Environment  Study Programme Student  
of the Year  
Kacper Plaszczyk 
CWC Engineering, Construction and the Built Environment  Improving Student of the Year Christine May Turbett 
CWC Engineering, Construction and the Built Environment  Adult Learner of the Year Scott Charles 
CWC Creative and Digital Industries Outstanding Student of the Year  Charlie Wiggins  
CWC Creative and Digital Industries Study Programme Student  
of the Year  
Daisy Lucas – Baits  
CWC Creative and Digital Industries Improving Student of the Year Habeeb Giwa  
CWC Creative and Digital Industries Adult Learner of the Year Nuvia Vaquerano  
CWC English, Maths and Skills Outstanding Student of the Year   D’Silva, Alrich  
CWC English, Maths and Skills Study Programme Student  
of the Year  
Anthony Rosa 
CWC English, Maths and Skills Improving Student of the Year Kiarash Dehdarvand 
CWC English, Maths and Skills Adult Learner of the Year Asta Gedrimiene 
CWC Lifelong Learning Outstanding Student of the Year  Safoora Bistouni 
CWC Lifelong Learning Study Programme Student  
of the Year  
Pedro Henrique Almeida Silva  
CWC Lifelong Learning Improving Student of the Year Al Khafaji Kawther 
CWC Lifelong Learning Adult Learner of the Year Jadira Benazar Fernandez  
CWC Health Wellbeing and Care Outstanding Student of the Year  Sahanna Cassimy 
CWC Health Wellbeing and Care Study Programme Student  
of the Year  
Liya Hepple 
CWC Health Wellbeing and Care Improving Student of the Year Sara Marques 
CWC Health Wellbeing and Care Adult Learner of the Year Umayr Ibn Abdul-Malik 
CWC Supported Learning  Improving Student of the Year Raphael Mulugeta 
CWC Supported Learning  Outstanding Student of the Year  Joelle Ataoui 
CWC Teacher Training Outstanding Student of the Year  Tom McCarty 
CWC Teacher Training Improving Student of the Year Robert Connelly 
CWC Teacher Training Adult Learner of the Year Wesley Tang 
CWC Special Awards Apprenticeship Student of the Year George Wood 
CWC Special Awards Work Experience Achievement Award Mariana Parra Cabrera  
CWC Special Awards Student Council Award Laura Hiraldo Ramirez  
CWC Special Awards Student Resilience Award Mariya Beraud 
CWC Special Awards Student Resilience Award Kya Moonsam 
CWC Special Awards The Hill Dickinson Business Enterprise Award Ramesh, Mamta  
CWC Special Awards Supported Internship Award Denisa Silachi 
CWC Special Awards Student Enrichment Award Benedicta Amankwah 
CWC Special Awards Sports Award Eduardo Ferreira 
CWC Special Awards Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Award Louise Johnston 
CWC Special Awards Additional Learning Support Award Yaqub Dhair 
CWC Special Awards Governors Awards Habeeb Giwa  
CWC Special Awards Governors Awards Tyler Green-Travis 
CWC  Special Awards  CEO & Group Principal Award Jadira Benazar  Fernandez  
  CNWL   A Levels, Business, Science  
and Higher Education 
  Outstanding Student of the Year    Cassandra Fernandes 
CNWL A Levels, Business, Science  
and Higher Education 
Study Programme Student of the Year  Niah Ashman 
CNWL A Levels, Business, Science  
and Higher Education 
IImproving Student of the Year Victory Izekor Erewele 
CNWL A Levels, Business, Science  
and Higher Education 
Adult Learner of the Year Saira Shamsher 
CNWL Engineering, Construction  
and the Built Environment  
Outstanding Student of the Year  Daniel McCarthy 
CNWL Engineering, Construction  
and the Built Environment  
Study Programme Student of the Year  Dylan Kearney 
CNWL Engineering, Construction  
and the Built Environment  
Improving Student of the Year Freddie Richards  
CNWL Engineering, Construction  
and the Built Environment  
Adult Learner of the Year Ephraime Masidi 
CNWL Creative and Digital Industries 
Outstanding Student of the Year  Mark Kiss 
CNWL Creative and Digital Industries 
Study Programme Student of the Year  Favour Akiyele 
CNWL Creative and Digital Industries 
Improving Student of the Year Abigail Symone Alves 
CNWL Creative and Digital Industries 
Adult Learner of the Year Amira Kenawy 
CNWL English, Maths and Skills Outstanding Student of the Year  Melissa Majko  
CNWL English, Maths and Skills Study Programme Student  
of the Year  
 Nicholas Segobias 
CNWL English, Maths and Skills Improving Student of the Year Henry Hawarth 
CNWL English, Maths and Skills Adult Learner of the Year Cabdullahi Asad Rashid 
CNWL Lifelong Learning Outstanding Student of the Year  Gabriela Pereira Bonifacio 
CNWL Lifelong Learning Study Programme Student  
of the Year  
Ryan Andrade 
CNWL Lifelong Learning Improving Student of the Year Zahraa Alali 
CNWL Lifelong Learning Adult Learner of the Year Khloud Kourabi 
CNWL Health Wellbeing and Care Outstanding Student of the Year  Nabila Sharifi 
CNWL Health Wellbeing and Care Study Programme Student of the Year  Raisa Da Lima 
CNWL Health Wellbeing and Care Improving Student of the Year Fatemeh Ghorbani 
CNWL Health Wellbeing and Care Adult Learner of the Year Angham Alsaleh 
CNWL Supported Learning  Improving Student of the Year Aaron Zenebe 
CNWL Supported Learning  Outstanding Student of the Year  Wendy Gjoka 
CNWL Special Awards Apprenticeship Student of the Year  Lewis Chappin 
CNWL Special Awards Work Experience Achievement Award Reanna Walker  
CNWL Special Awards Student Council Award Moosa Abuelzein 
CNWL Special Awards Student Resilience Award Aliyah Hussein 
CNWL Special Awards The Davidson Achievement Award Malik Chelhaoui-Demeiller 
CNWL Special Awards The Davidson Achievement Award Gavin Birch 
CNWL Special Awards The Davidson Achievement Award Nicole Scott 
CNWL Special Awards Daniel Omari Smith Award Mohammad Hoque  
CNWL Special Awards Supported Internship Award Ahmed Abdinur 
CNWL Special Awards Student Enrichment Award  Mohamedamin Jibril  
CNWL Special Awards Sports Award  Omar Badru 
CNWL Special Awards Sports Award Mohamed Alhamumy 
CNWL Special Awards Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Award  Moosa Abuelzein 
CNWL Special Awards Additional Learning Support Award Niah Ashman 
CNWL Special Awards Governors Awards Dylan Kearney 
CNWL Special Awards CEO & Group Principal Award Cassandra Fernandes 

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