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SchoolGrid positions for growth with appointment of Chief Operating Officer

Holly Roberts

SchoolGrid, an award-winning kitchen management system for education catering, has appointed its first Chief Operating Officer Holly Roberts, in a move which underscores SchoolGrid’s growth ambitions.

Holly is an established operations and transformation expert, experienced in driving operational performance for high-growth enterprises. With 14 years’ operational expertise at Director level, Holly has contributed to the growth success of multiple companies through implementing value-added processes. 

Dugald Curtis, SchoolGrid CEO said.

“Our continuing success and growth in the school meals market, puts us in a strong position for accelerated growth. Holly’s operating expertise will be pivotal in executing our business and strategic goals.”

Holly Roberts adds:

“It’s exciting to join an innovative and agile business such as SchoolGrid. I look forward to executing strategies and processes to deliver business scaling and increased market impact.”

Holly Roberts has been appointed as Chief Operating Officer and Director of SchoolGrid and reports directly to CEO Dugald Curtis.

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