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Creating a curriculum to unify

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Yusuf Ibrahim is Assistant Principal – Academic Studies, Sixth Forms & TEL at Cardiff and Vale College. Here he gives a preview of his session, Anti-Racist Wales 2030 leading the way: Crafting an Authentic Anti-racist curriculum, at the third annual Black Leadership Group conference on 21 March 2023.

Nelson Mandela described education as ‘the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’.

I agree with the great man. And if education is the weapon, then the ammunition is the curriculum with which we teach our students. What we teach, who we learn about and the contextual settings we bring together all have a profound impact on our understanding of the world and how we fit in.

We talk about the principle of ‘history is written by the winners’. If this is right, then we must also contend that our curriculum is designed and written by the same authors.

Benchmark curriculum

Last year, Cardiff and Vale College (CAVC) became the first college in Wales to become an affiliated member of the Black Leadership Group. The college signed up to the BLG’s 10-point plan to eradicate racism in FE, and a key part of this was ensuring the curriculum reflected the experience of people from minority ethnic backgrounds.

My session at the BLG’s annual conference on 21 March will give attendees a unique insight into Wales’ bold attempt to create an ‘unfiltered’ curriculum for the further education sector.  It will showcase our determination to cast light on the histories, contributions and identities of our Black and Minority Ethnic communities. Our aim is to design and deliver a curriculum that engages in an enlightening, shared understanding of the world.

It will provide an overview of the methodological approach in creating an Anti-racist curriculum and showcase the first of its kind Anti-racist virtual world.

There is no doubt that the eradication of racism is one of the biggest challenges in this country. 

Unifying people

Our aim is for this to be a benchmark curriculum that changes the games both in terms of delivering the learning but also how you unify people. This is a curriculum that is designed to unify. It will add light where there is darkness. It is a unique approach to anti-racism.

I am proud to be living in a country that is driving forward to become anti-racist. The Welsh Government is moving beyond words, it is acting, and this pilot FE curriculum is a powerful example of this.

When students study their country’s history through this curriculum we want them to be represented and connected and feel that they do belong. Currently, this is not the experience all students enjoy. This has to change. There’s enough talk, let’s act. This is not about a demonstration, rather it is a movement to raise greater awareness.

Yusuf Ibrahim, Black Leadership Group

* Yusuf Ibrahim will deliver his session, Anti-Racist Wales 2030 leading the way: Crafting an Authentic Anti-racist curriculum, at the third annual Black Leadership Group conference, called Make the Path by Walking it, on 21 March 2023.

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