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DfE Response to Jill Whittaker’s ‘Levy Announcement raises more questions than answers’ article

The DfE have responded to Jill Whittaker’s article from last week titled: Levy Announcement raises more questions than answers

A Department for Education spokesperson said in response to Jill’s article:

“Our priority is to transform apprenticeships so they give hard working people- especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds – a ladder of opportunity by taking on an Apprenticeship, giving them the skills they need and jobs and security for their future.

“The Apprentice Levy is a fundamental change-maker in terms of both social justice and boosting our economic productivity.

‎”This is why the quality of Apprenticeships is paramount: Nobody understands the skills employers need better than employers themselves. Businesses are leading the design of standards – the apprenticeship levy is essential in funding this step change.

‎”The Levy proposals state that 20 per cent funding is held specifically for end point assessments. These assessments will ensure apprentices have gained the skills, knowledge and behaviours needed from their apprenticeship and the attributes that employers need for their workforce.

“We have provided further clarity for employers and training providers with our funding band proposals. Every apprenticeship will be placed within one of 15 funding bands and it will be up to employers to negotiate prices with providers.”

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