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#EdTech Startup transforms the way businesses train employees

Chloe Anthony-Pillai, Social and Content Lead for HowNow.

There has been a great deal of change over the last few years in how we use technology in our method of training staff. Technology has either been a help or hindrance in some people’s eyes as to whether it added to the quality of the way we train employees in businesses.

There were many systems known as ‘Learning Management Systems’ where training was more of tool for collection and delivering information which often felt like large amounts of admin employees had to digest. This is not how people learn and it should not be used as a method of training. Fast forward to today and we have many new advances in technology that make this training space engaging, interactive and cost effective for businesses to train staff at scale.

Introducing HowNow – an emerging startup that is going to and already is transforming the way employees learn and businesses carry out training. HowNow is an educational software platform that allows businesses to train employees by hosting their own online school where they can create courses for all manors of needs.

It is transforming the way both staff members and training facilitators learn and teach, by understanding the need for mobility, interactivity and scale. The software allows them to host their own online school, well online, meaning no more training should be restricted by local servers or limited to those staff members who have an office computer.

We need to prepare training for the next generation. If you’re considering taking on apprentices, interns or just seem to be hiring more millennials you will have noticed that the work culture and their needs are different to previous generations. They want to learn on the go, the need access to work things on the go, they do not want to be restricted by training that can only be completed in the office.

That’s why we have also developed an app which enables learning on the go. So, if you want your future employees to take up several training units before they start their role then this gives them the freedom to learn on the go.

This is not only beneficial for employees – this benefits organizations and businesses who spend large amounts of money on printing out training material, hiring a space in which to host the training, paying for catering and using up their own valuable time. We built HowNow because we understood this need for mobile learning and understood the need to teach and learn at scale. We also realized that the current ‘Learning Management Systems’ were just not creating an engaging environment for people to be able to learn.

HowNow is different to other ‘Learning Management Systems’ not just for the reasons already discussed but for the platform’s ability to enable interactive learning that can be engaging for the learners. As we know, not everyone learns the same way and reading a folder on training procedures just might not stick in someone’s head.

So why not involve your learners in the learning process? Host live classes where you can create a discussion on the topic and you can provide more personal training for up to nine learners. Or if you have a specialist who you want to train everyone on the latest practices in your industry then host a webinar where 1,000 people can attend.

There is a range of learning options available to you, as you can have option to have multiple content types in one lesson/course such as audio, pdf, video etc.

To retain staff and attract new members of staff you need to offer them the ability to upskill themselves and to gain not only experience but expertise in the area they are working, so they can see a future at your company.

This means you will need to provide training that is not just basic introductory training but enables them to develop their skills further. Offering them the ability to take engaging and interactive courses will encourage them to learn and to develop.

If the courses result in a certificate that proves their commitment to training and their understanding of a subject matter than that will not only motivate them to work harder but it will increase the value they feel you have provided.

So, if you want to make sure you are ready for the future and move away from ‘Learning management systems’ then it’s time to investigate the next stage of eLearning. It’s time to make training engaging, interactive and accessible with the enhancement of technology.

Chloe Anthony-Pillai, Social and Content Lead for HowNow.

About HowNow: An educational software platform that allows businesses to train employees by hosting their own online school where they can create courses for all manors of needs. It is the next generation of eLearning and training and enables, mobile, engaging and interactive for businesses of all sizes. If you want to check out HowNow and arrange a demo at a time convenient to you where you can discuss your needs and requirements, we can show you how we can work for you. You can book one here as well as sign up to a 2-week free trial, no credit card required.

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