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Flashback Friday! 1st December

Flashback Friday

Welcome to Flashback Friday 1st December, where we take a look back through time at the year:

FE News Sector response


Why grades come second to work experience

by Duncan Cheatle is founder & CEO of


Initial and diagnostic assessment

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by Ann Gravells, Author, Creator of teacher training resources and Education Consultant


From education to employment, so near and yet so far

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by Kirstie Donnelly, UK Managing Director, City & Guilds Group


Technology to create a ‘lean forward’ experience for learners

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by Allen Crawford Thomas, e-Learning Adviser, Jisc


Lessons from the Skills Show

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by Jan Hodges, Chief Executive, Edge


The internet – it’s for life, not just for Christmas

by Sarah Jones, Chief Executive, learndirect


It’s holiday offer time – or is it?

by Margaret Adams MA FCIPD, Consultant


The hands-on guide to post-16 funding with author Nick Linford


by Nick Linford, Edexcel’s Special advisor on Funding and Performance


Training cut dangers

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by Liz Smith, Director, Unionlearn

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