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LSC respond to adult skills target being met five months early

Rob Wye, Director of Strategy and Communications, Learning and Skills Council.

The Learning and Skills Council (LSC) has issued a response to last week’s news that the government had reached its interim target for Level 2 qualifications for adults.

Secretary of State for Education and Skills, Alan Johnson, last week outlined that his department’s policies were on course to reach their targets, with one million adults qualified to Level 2 since 2002 some five months ahead of schedule.

And Rob Wye, Director of Strategy and Communications at the LSC, responded: “This is a significant milestone for the Government, the LSC and all our partners, as well as a credit to all one million learners. We should all be rightly proud that our efforts to meet this initial target milestone have paid dividends. It is now vital that this momentum continues so we stay on track to achieve the 2010 target”.

“Of course, we have got to wait until the final 2006 Labour Force Survey results come out in March next year for final confirmation ““ because skills investments, like other investment returns, can rise as well as fall. However, we seem to be on track to pass the one million mark and this means that one million more adults in our workforce have qualifications at Level 2 or above, compared to 2002″.

And looking to the overall target set, Mr Wye continued: “By 2010, we hope to have 3.6 million more people at Level 2 or above than we had in 2001. Put simply all these people will have achieved the essential platform for success and progression in learning and work ““ and this can, quite literally, transform lives”.

“This is really good news for all those adults who now have the skills to do their job better and the real chance to progress and improve their career chances”, he added.

Vijay Pattni.

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