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Podcast with AELP’s Mark Dawe on End Point Assessment & AELP’s plans for Workforce development

AELP's Mark Dawe on End Point Assessment and Workforce development

We catch up with Mark Dawe, Chief Executive of the Association of Employment and Learning Providers (AELP) for a series of podcasts around the developing World of Apprenticeships. This is the first in a series of podcasts and focusses on End Point Assessment and the AELP’s plans to help End Point Assessment delivery.

Mark explains that they have identified that there is a gap in End Point Assessment delivery expertise in the sector. He explains that one of the biggest worries they have found is for the capacity for the workforce to deliver End Point Assessment as the current Assessor and End Point Assessor roles are very different. AELP has been working with their members, partners and patrons to develop an initial generic online training programme to assist providers and their delivery staff with End Point Assessment. 

Mark then gives shares some plans into the AELP’s plans for future workforce development and gives some insight behind their decision to move away from the Education and Training Foundation (ETF).

Please click on the image below to hear what Mark has to say: This is the first in a series of podcasts that we recorded with Mark at a 3aaa Apprenticeship event held in Wembley Stadium:

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