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Research shows more students opt to study at home following exam results

According to ICS, the distance learning provider, more students are taking up distance learning on their studies and shunning traditional classroom teaching.

As pupils across the country take stock of their exam results, the research reveals only eight per cent of them prefer face to face teaching. The study also showed that core subjects like Maths, English and Biology were the favourite choice to learn at home to pick up the GCSE and A Level qualifications needed to secure a place at college or university.

Sally Pulvertaft, the managing director of ICS, believes pupils consider moving away from tradition when they find they haven’t done as well as expected in their exam results.

Ms Pulvertaft said: “Historically we have seen demand for distance learning GCSE and A Level courses increase considerably in late August and September, which tells us that students are turning to distance learning to get them through their exams.”

ICS, which has established links with regulatory and professional bodies as well as examination boards, has helped over 13 million students increase their skills and knowledge base since being established in 1890. It provides its pupils with a unique online community where they can interact with like minded people, gain support from their peers and share experiences.

Long distance learning has been boosted by significant developments in online technology and services. It provides a flexible approach to learning that allows students to study at their own pace, and gain employment while studying. Last year, over 2.5 million UK adults studied via distance learning, with the majority stating that they undertook a course of study to become better at their job.

Ms Pulvertaft added: “In this day and age it is important that education providers can offer a service that fits with students’ increasingly busy lifestyles. The flexibility afforded by distance learning is clearly proving to be a major draw to students across the country, and that is why ICS has invested considerable time and money to create a home learning experience that is second to none in the UK.”

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