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Teachers and trainers show strong investment in CPD

The Institute for Learning (IfL) has brought out a second review, outlining the fact that the majority of its members are doubling the minimum number of hours required to complete their Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Trainee teachers reportedly carry out more CPD a year, on average, than any other profession.

A full-time teacher or trainer in FE and the skills sector are required to carry out at least 30 Hours of CPD a year. Part-timers are subject to 6 hours a year.

Dr Jean Kelly, director for professional development at IfL, said: “The value and importance of CPD for remaining in good professional standing, and commitment to excellent and up-to-date teaching for learners.”

CPD embraces the idea that individuals aim for continuous improvement in their professional skills and knowledge, beyond the basic training initially required in teaching and training. The development used to be called, ‘in service training’ or INSET, with emphasis on the delivery rather than the outcome. One of the main focuses of CPD is to keep teachers and trainers up to date with their specialised subject.

Toni Fazaeli, chief executive of IfL, said: “Millions of young and adult learners depend on teachers and trainers to prepare them for tomorrow’s world.

“Our members’ engagement in professional development and staying up to date in their subject or vocational area, as well as in teaching methods, demonstrates their dual professionalism and their commitment to providing the best possible learning experiences for their learners.”

Christopher Thompson

(Pictured: IfL CEO Toni Fazaeli)

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