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The role training providers can play in transferring #Levy funds

Crescens George, Chief Executive Officer, Wiser Academy

On Tuesday (30 April) ESFA will be holding a webinar to help training providers support employers who are planning to make or receive a transfer of apprenticeship funds.

The webinar, ‘Apprenticeship service transfers – a step by step walkthrough for training providers’, comes one week after the new 25% transfer allowance became visible in employers’ apprenticeship service accounts.

The 45-minute webinar will provide a general overview on transfers and tips about how to set up a transfer, as well as a perspective on transfers from a training provider.

Crescens George, from provider Wiser Academy, who will be presenting at the webinar, will share his view on the role training providers can play in transfers: 

As a training provider it makes sense for us to take the lead with transfers. We have a good relationship with both larger employers and smaller employers. Providers are in a great position to support conversations about transfers between large and small employers.

Where larger employers have apprenticeship funds to spend that would otherwise expire, it makes sense if they transfer it to others in the same sector or supply chain. For example, we work with a large insurance company and with small brokers.

Encouraging our larger employer to transfer funds may provide smaller employers with opportunities to upskill existing staff or recruit new apprentices, and addressing skills needs within the industry can then aid business growth.

Transfers work to strengthen the industry – the better trained employees at the smaller brokers are, the better skilled they will be, which benefits the sector as a whole.

For example, if employees working for smaller insurance brokers are trained, they will give high quality advice, which will stand the sector in good stead.

For training providers it means a growing pool of apprentices. It is beneficial to employers and training providers alike.

Crescens George, Chief Executive Officer, Wiser Academy

Join Crescens for the webinar on 30 April. The first will be held from 12 noon to 12:45pm and the second will be held from 1:30pm to 2:15pm.

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