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Top 5 Tips for writing a CV

Sak Awan, Director of Employability and Skills, S Knights Recruitment

Sak Awan from S Knight Recruitment shares his Top 5 tips for writing a CV:

The Employability and Skills sector is an ever changing industry. New funding, new priorities and new contracts means there are always exciting opportunities.

S Knights Recruitment specialise in Employability and Skills recruitment, as well as recruiting for these opportunities we also see a lot of CV’s. Using our expertise we have put together 5 top tips for writing a CV.”

1. The purpose of your CV

a. Your CV is your selling tool, it is what employers will read to decide if they want to meet with you. Highlight what you have achieved, your successes and what makes you good a candidate. Your CV should not just be a summary of your career thus far.

b. Make sure that you address all the points highlighted in the job description or the advert for the job you are applying for. The advert or job description is a list of attributes and experiences the perfect candidate will have. Make sure you demonstrate that you are the perfect candidate for that job.

2. Understand who will be reading your CV

a. Your CV will often be read by a manager, try and put yourself into that manager’s shoes and think what would they want to see in a CV?

b. The employer will want to see strong experience for the role they are recruiting for, a range of skills, expertise and the ability to achieve and exceed targets or expectations.

3. Quantify your experience

a. Highlighting your achievements is good, adding numbers, percentages, conversion rates, success rates or retention rates against target is better. It clearly demonstrates that have you done the role and you’ve done it well. It is a great way to boast about your experience.

4. If it’s not in your CV…

a. Remember if it is not in your CV the employer will assume you have not done it. With so many candidates looking for work, you need to make sure you stand out, make sure you highlight everything you have done in your CV.

5. Independent, impartial view

a. Always check your CV for spelling and grammar mistakes.

b. It is often difficult to be self-critical, it is always worth asking someone to read through your CV and tell you how strong it is.

c. If you want further advice or constructive feedback on your CV please call the S Knights team on 0121 448 7560 and email your CV to [email protected]


Sak Awan, Director of Employability and Skills, S Knights Recruitment

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