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#RemoteWorking Amidst COVID-19: Work Smarter, Not Harder

With COVID-19 on the rise, it’s rumored that remote work is at all-time-high. However, the concept is nothing new. In 2016, 85% of global business was conducted by virtual teams. Moreover, 65% of modern workers predict work will only become more digital and global as time progresses. Amidst the impromptu transition in work environment due to the global pandemic, it’s important we understand the science of working remotely. Thankfully, there’s technology that can help us work easier as working in the digital age can present various challenges. 

While quarantining yourself for the safety of your coworkers and family, be sure to stay on top of things. In the words of Crowd Work News’ founder Sireesha Narumanchi, “One golden rule… is to be super organized. You should be prepared for all the unplanned things that can happen. Having the right kind of utility apps can really make a big difference.” In other words, consider how you can make your in-home work experience as valuable as your in-office experience.

Today, the modern worker has new wants and needs. Work in the digital age of communication has influenced 52% of employees to want jobs in places with constantly improving processes. Furthermore, 50% want employment in places with collaborative workplaces, and 43$ want access to the latest technology. 

In alignment with their needs, today’s employees are seeking employment in places with an emphasis on openness, new communication needs, and a culture of collaboration. More employers want to be seen as trusted partners by their employers, and since employees are now more free to contribute, make decisions, and have a voice, workplaces are shifting from traditional business structures.

As COVID-19 spreads, more offices and teams are transitioning into using platforms such as Grammarly, Slack, incision, Sequel, and Shift to maintain a steady workflow within the workplace.  These platforms, with standard, free versions, can allow you to: sound, look, communicate, collaborate, and work smarter while separated from your team. 

Times are changing, and while we always expected workplace tech to rise, COVID-19 brought our expectations to reality much sooner. Since workplace technology is here to stay, here’s how you can enhance it to make your work experience better.

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