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The challenges and opportunities of recruiting End Point Assessors and Dual Professionalism, Beth Curtis, Protocol

Beth Curtis, Protocol

Beth Curtis, Head of Business Development and Strategy at Protocol discusses recruiting End Point Assessors and Dual Professionalism at EPA Live.

Beth discusses the two routes to attracting End Point Assessors:

One from the instructors and assessors who were delivering Frameworks, but as Beth explains End Point Assessment is very different and the importance of occupational competence and particularly logging CPD of occupational competence is key for End Point Assessment organisations.

The second group is to attract people from industry, but a lot of work needs to be done to raise awareness of Apprenticeships to professionals. There is also the potential problem that in some occupations the salaries will be very different in some roles and the sector needs to think about how they can become an attractive employer to industry professionals moving into FE and Work Based Learning.

Check out the podcast to hear what Beth has to say. 

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