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Unpacking the Apprenticeship Survey with Jonathan Mitchell and Zuza Wnekowska

Jonathan Mitchell and Zuza Wnekowska

FE News chat with Jonathan Mitchell, Deputy Director for Apprenticeship Development at the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education and Zuza Wnekowska, who is an Apprentice Panel Member and is also completing an Apprenticeship in aerospace engineering to unpack the recent apprentice survey report.

We discuss the Apprenticeship survey, what it’s aims were, and the results. Three of the most striking responses to the survey were around Apprenticeship Pastoral Care, entitlement to 20% off the job training and Apprentices being prepared for End Point Assessment.

The report was completed during the height of the lockdown, but this also provided valuable information on how to support Apprentices during either potential local or a second national lockdown in response to the Covid crisis. As 58% of Apprentices who responded to the survey explained that their Apprenticeship was impacted by Covid-19, 35% who provided a qualitative response on this topic said they stopped receiving off the job training for some or all of the pandemic.

Check out the Apprentice Survey findings and recommendations on this podcast unpacking the Apprenticeship Survey.

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