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AI and Education Marketing – Introduction, Importance & Applications

Artificial Intelligence in Digital marketing

Introduction to AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Artificial Intelligence or AI simply refers to the software computer programs that mimic human intelligence in certain aspects. A good example would be a program that suggests the best books to study based on the books that you’ve purchased before from a particular website. This indicates how well that program was able to analyse your buying behaviour.

Marketing and Artificial Intelligence

AI helps digital marketers to personalise their messages. Integrating AI with customer behaviour can automate tactical processes, such as answering common questions. Furthermore, AI-based marketing can improve a brand’s competitiveness by providing personalised recommendations based on the customer’s profile and buying history. Moreover, AI-based marketing campaigns can help marketers automate the entire process from content creation to social media. In addition to enabling personalised advertising, AI-based marketing can also create personalised content and advertisements.

One of the most important aspects of AI for marketing is collecting real-time tactical data. With this data, marketers can make smarter, more objective decisions and respond accordingly. Knowing what to do further, it is critical to meeting customers’ expectations and generating more sales. The goal is to improve customer experience, and AI helps marketers understand their customers. A marketer can use AI to serve their customers better with the right tools. Once they know what to do, they can apply their insights to their business.

Advantages for AI in Marketing

The advantages of AI-based marketing include cost-efficient campaigns, improved customer service, and increased efficiency. While AI in digital marketing is a big step forward, there are still some challenges. With the advancement of technology, marketing experts can overcome these challenges. While AI-based marketing campaigns will increase sales, they will require a substantial human resources investment. Besides, a business with limited data science resources can also benefit from a lack of human-based resources.

  • Data manipulation and utilisation with AI

AI-driven marketing campaigns require a huge amount of data. The organisation’s CRM system, website data, and successful marketing campaigns provide the data necessary to train an AI tool. Marketers supplement this information with second-party data, such as weather and location. It is vital to the success of any business. However, to get the most out of the technology, marketers must understand how data works and how it increases sales.

  • Achieve operational efficiency

As a business, AI is a key element of your marketing strategy. It will provide the best possible outcomes for your business. It can improve your productivity by interpreting massive amounts of data, identifying insights, and predicting customer needs. In addition to improving your working processes, AI will help you learn faster and achieve human-like results.

  • Enhance consumer journey and experience

Artificial intelligence will also improve the user experience. The most effective marketing campaigns are those that keep the audience attention. For example, AI can help your business with keyword analysis and personalisation. If you’re selling a product, AI can help you target your audience and present the most relevant content. Similarly, a discount can help boost sales. It is proven that consumers will prefer a product with discounts. You can automate and customise your campaign to match your audience’s needs by using AI.


By analysing data and predicting customer behaviour, AI can provide better results in all aspects of marketing. For example, AI can create user profiles based on the personas of your customers. With the help of big data, AI can build predictive models and understand customer preferences. Aside from this, AI can also predict a product’s lifespan. Essentially, it can help you decide what products are most profitable. It is a major step towards improving your marketing.

As the need for data-driven marketing continues to grow, AI will become an integral part of your business’s strategy. By analysing customer behaviour patterns, AI will be able to predict what people are likely to buy next and the best ways to increase revenue. Additionally, it will automatically track past purchases to determine which strategies will be most effective for your business. And, of course, AI will make it easier for you to analyse the success of your campaigns.

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