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FISSS Collaborate with UVAC for a Series of Informative Degree Apprenticeship EQA Knowledge Network Events

FISSS Join forces with UVAC to present informative EQA Knowledge Network Events on Degree Apprenticeships

FISSS are pleased to announce their strategic partnership with UVAC, the membership body for Universities delivering and assessing Degree Apprenticeships, to host a series of three further Knowledge Network Events.  

The events aim to provide valuable insights and practical guidance to UVAC members on various aspects of degree apprenticeship delivery and assessment. This series of events has been announced following the success of the Inaugural Degree Apprenticeship EQA Knowledge Network event held on 26th April 2023, and is expected to attract a broad range of delegates from across the sector.  The content of the Knowledge Network Events has been shaped from the inaugural event where colleagues provided feedback on the topics where they would value more discussion and information.

The first of three online events, taking place on the 25th of July, will be split into two parts with the first part of the session focussed on Monitoring checks and evidence trails with the aim of helping universities to evolve best practice and drive continuous improvement in End Point Assessment for integrated degrees. Tools to support audit preparation, e.g., providing reports to meet Ofqual EPAO requirements, will be shared alongside a demonstration of evidence provision per DQB monitoring requirement.  There will be input and guidance from an Inspector/Assessor perspective and an effective checklist-based approach shared to support monitoring audit visits and aid continuous improvement.

The second half of the session will cover Independence in End Point Assessment for integrated degrees(where the university owns apprenticeship delivery and EPAO role).  Members will be asked to share their approaches to gain broader sector knowledge, and input and feedback will be sought from an Assessor perspective.  

In addition, UVAC will announce their revised contracts for HEI use, following the annual ESFA Funding Rules review.  

Barry Hynd, Managing Director at FISSS, the creators of the ACE360 End Point Assessment (EPA) platform, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration with UVAC. He stated, “We are delighted to partner with UVAC to support their members in delivering and assessing Degree Apprenticeships confidently. The combination of ACE360’s comprehensive EPA management capabilities and UVAC’s expertise in the field will empower UVAC members to navigate the unique challenges of Degree Apprenticeships felt within the Higher Education sector.”

The subsequent Knowledge Network Events in the series, planned for the following months, will delve into specific topics of interest to UVAC members. The second Event, entitled “What Makes a Good Assessor?” will explore the characteristics and skills that contribute to effective End Point Assessment practices and will explore what good EPA Assessor training might look like. The third Event, “EPA Reporting and Benchmarking,” will provide valuable insights into the reporting and benchmarking processes associated with End Point Assessment (EPA)

These online events will offer UVAC members a valuable opportunity to enhance their understanding and exchange ideas with peers. By participating in these sessions, attendees will gain practical knowledge and insights that will assist them in delivering and assessing Degree Apprenticeships with confidence and driving forward a common understanding and narrative that will drive continuous improvement.

To book your spot for the first Event, follow the link here to reserve a space for you and your colleagues. Registration is open now, and space is limited, so early booking is urged.

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