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GCSE results – supporting pupils through grade drops

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GCSE results day can be an overwhelming time for students and parents and carers alike, and with this year marking the first cohort to actually sit exams after the pandemic, nerves are clearly building in many households.

Therefore, it’s vital that tomorrow, young people feel supported, and families know what to do and how to help.

  1. Prepare Plan B    

When we have a particular plan in mind, we can often feel it’s a setback if we need to consider other options. However, remember that there are many exciting choices available and various ways to approach a chosen career or college course.

By exploring and preparing different avenues and pathways beforehand, young people will feel less overwhelmed and stressed on the day. In life, it’s good to have a range of plans to respond to different scenarios, so having a Plan B isn’t a failure, it’s just an alternative way of getting to where we want to get to.

  1. Try and create a calm environment     

It’s normal for us as parents and carers to often reflect our own concerns and worries onto our children, however, in the days leading up to results day, this can often amplify the situation and heighten emotions further.

Instead, try and listen to your children’s worries, reassure them and concentrate on what they can control. Take the opportunity to do your own research so you feel as fully informed as possible and able to advise and signpost, to help them make their decisions.

  1. Reach out for support    

For many parents and carers, this might be the first results day they’re going through with their child. No one is expecting you to have all the answers – that’s why there is support available.

Most schools will have a point of contact, so it’s worth noting who this is in advance, and sixth-form colleges will have systems for admission. As the parent, you can help frame discussions with teachers and help your child to listen to school advice.There are also online forums and blogs where those in similar situations share their experiences.

At Young Enterprise, we are delighted to celebrate the achievements that young people have made over the last couple of years, particularly during this landmark time in their lives. Young people’s creativity, talent and ideas are massively important to the future of this country, and as they take the next step in their journey, it’s critical that we support them in continuing to build the attitudes, skills and knowledge that will stay with them for life.

By Russel Winnard, COO of Young Enterprise, a national charity that helps young people learn how to earn and look after their money

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