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Haven Launches NEW Virtual Work Experience Programme

Haven Launches NEW Virtual Work Experience Programme

Youth Employment UK and Haven are delighted to announce the launch of the Haven Virtual Work Experience programme. This virtual programme is free to all young people aged 11-30 with supporting education resources for Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 students.

The Virtual Work Experience programme allows young people to take a closer look at the careers and opportunities available at Haven and it brings to life what it is that makes Haven such a great place to work.

The investment into the Virtual Work Experience offer comes against the backdrop of Haven’s ambition to support more young people in the local community to help them build their skills, career confidence, and knowledge of the amazing possibilities in Haven itself.

It follows the introduction of the Haven Early Careers Academy which focuses on creating opportunities for ALL young people to thrive by providing early careers support to partner schools.

Haven chose to work with Youth Employment UK, a leading youth employment expert, to develop this programme, which enhances the already established Haven Employer Profile that sits on the Youth Employment UK website. Together, the resources will help young people to discover what Haven does, what the careers routes and opportunities are, and what skills are key to build for any job or industry.

“We are delighted to be continuing our work with Haven, and the virtual work experience brings an exciting opportunity for young people all over the UK to learn about Haven and careers in the Leisure and Tourism sector. We know that young people feel more confident about the world of work when they have experiences of it, and the virtual work experience programme provides that early taster to inspire and engage with young people.” Laura-Jane Rawlings, CEO of Youth Employment UK

Louise Thomas, People Director at Haven commented:

“We’re delighted that this new virtual work experience programme allows us to bring to life the range of options and excellent career pathways, which are available without limits at Haven. This online programme provides an easily accessible, simple way to inspire thousands of young people in schools. They are the future and it is so important that we help recognise and harness their talent and potential early, to give them the very best start in their chosen career. Supported by Youth Employment UK last year, we’ve been able to truly listen to young people and make sure they have a voice in our flagship Haven Early Careers Academy. So whatever young peoples’ starting point in life, we can offer so many opportunities, with the right skills and programmes, that enable young people to join us and really thrive in their career development.”

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