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World Youth Skills Day: 80% of young people possess above average tech skills


Over 80 per cent of youth possess above average digital skills and could be the new tech workforce required to solve the UK’s skills crisis, according to new research from WithYouWithMe.

Ahead of World Youth Skills Day, celebrated on July 15theach year, WithYouWithMe analysed the aptitude testing results of over 600 15 to 25-year-olds, uncovering that young people typically have above average abstract reasoning and pattern recognition – key skills for a career in technology.

The findings come as the UK continues to grapple with the digital skills gap – with almost a fifth of companies in the UK having a digital skills vacancy and 14% of businesses reporting a lack of digital know-how.

World Youth Skills Day, driven by the United Nations, aims to raise awareness around the importance of equipping young people with skills for employment and entrepreneurship.

Tom Moore, CEO and Co-Founder of WithYouWithMe, commented:

“World Youth Skills Day is an opportunity to cast a light on the up-and-coming generation of technologically skilled people, who are poised to become the new digital workforce. With our collective reliance on technology ever increasing, demand must be met by upskilling tech proficient individuals – who can maximise the potential that technology has to offer – in high-demand roles like cyber security, software development and data analytics.

“By undertaking aptitude testing to discover young people’s natural aptitude, we can identify the digital role they are best-suited for and provide them with the training they require to become proficient in 150 hours.

“Too often young people are overlooked for entry-level positions as they are perceived to have ‘no experience’ or haven’t been to university. Our research and training model debunks this myth and demonstrates that youth may be one of the greatest untapped talent pools the UK has on offer.”

Sir James Everard, Former Deputy Supreme Allied Commander for NATO, said:

“Young people are almost three times more likely to be unemployed than older adults. They are also exposed to labour market inequalities and longer and more insecure school-to-work transitions. This at a time when tech vacancies have grown post-pandemic by 191%.”

“It is time to be ‘big and bold’ and try something new and creative. We may find this leap difficult, but boldness can lend wings to intellect and insight; the stronger the wings then the greater the heights, the wider the view, and the better the results.”

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