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St Mary’s unveils new courses for next academic year

Following strong interest in its Sixth Form from existing and prospective students, St Mary’s School (@StMarysSch) has announced it will be offering two new A Level courses for the academic year 22/23 – broadening its varied curriculum even further. The school has also added a new GCSE course.

To further extend its students’ critical thinking and analysis skills, A Level Law will be available at St Mary’s Sixth Form from September 2022 onwards. The course will enable students to discover more about the UK legal system and the pivotal role law plays in society. Students will also explore the relationship between law, society and the individual.

A Level Sociology is also being added to the list of study options at St Mary’s – giving students the opportunity to analyse society around them and discover how and why it works the way it does. The course will delve into how opportunities and behaviour can be shaped as a result of gender, race, social class, age and value and belief systems.

From September 2022 St Mary’s will also be offering GCSE Dance, led by the school’s highly experienced dance specialist. Students will be able to study performance, choreography and dance appreciation as they broaden and deepen their knowledge and skills across diverse dance styles and approaches.

Head of Sixth Form at St Mary’s, Mr Griffiths, said:

“Choosing which subjects to pursue is an exciting but nerve-wracking time for students – whether they are picking their GCSE or A Level options. We are thrilled to be able to offer St Mary’s students some new courses that will open up new horizons and further education options to them –inspiring them to push themselves further and reach their full potential. ”

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