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Students are awarded gold and bronze in senior physics challenge

Talented first year Physics students Max Pearce and Toby Knight were awarded Gold and Bronze awards after taking part in BPhO British Physics Olympiad ‘Senior Physics Challenge’.

The challenge is in place to not only encourage and challenge young physicists but also really highlights the excellence and skillsets of budding physicians.

First year HSDC Havant Physics A Level student Max Pearce received a Gold award, which is an excellent achievement, especially for an individual in their first year of college.

When asked to describe his experience taking part, Max stated:

“The senior physics challenge was fun! Despite it being quite difficult I really enjoyed being stretched and challenged. The time pressure was the biggest test I faced during the challenge but overall, I did really enjoy it”.

Toby Knight, who is also a first year HSDC Havant Physics A Level student also detailed his experience of participating in the challenge:

“My biggest challenge alongside the time constraints were expressing my answers. I was confident I had the knowledge, but it was just making sure that I was able to express my answers on paper correctly”.

The challenge is an extremely beneficial tool for Physics students as not only does it develop problem solving but allows those who take part to really test their knowledge.

Geoffrey Whittington, Science Lecturer at HSDC Havant explained how sought after the challenge is. Geoffrey stated:

“The questions are mentally hard but the aim is to really test and stretch students’ knowledge”.

He added:

“The students completed the hour paper in their own time and the questions are very difficult. However, with both Max and Toby being awarded Gold and Bronze, it shows how able the students are. Max is in the top 10% of Physics students in the country in getting a Gold award. I am very proud of them”.

Following on from the awards, there are hopes that students may be invited for a trial to join the British Physics Olympiad team.

We are very proud of both Max and Toby and are eager to find out what they achieve next!

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