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Students download more than a million pdf notes from Bramble platform

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A technology that helps students who struggle with note taking maximise the impact of online tuition sessions has passed a major milestone.

Students using the Bramble live online tuition platform have used the platform’s PDF download feature more than a million times.

The feature captures all the whiteboard workings and notes from the live tutoring session and saves them as a PDF. These notes are filed away in the student’s session library according to subject, topic and sub-topic, making it easier for them to access these notes for revision later on.

Will Chambers, Bramble co-founder and COO, said: “This feature allows students to concentrate on their tuition session and not have to scribble notes throughout, safe in the knowledge that their notes will be captured automatically for them afterwards.

“The feature is part of Bramble’s efforts to make online tuition about much more than the hour students spend online with their tutors and is a particular help to students with SEND and other learning challenges. We know that keeping notes can be really challenging for these students so we want them to be freed up to focus fully on their learning in the moment.

“The fact that students have now downloaded more than a million PDF notes shows the important role the feature plays in learning for tens of thousands of students.”

Heather Gunn, an English, maths and biology tutor for London-based tuition agency Manning’s, said that students had embraced the PDF notes feature. “Students love the PDF notes,” she said. “I want to keep the students on the whiteboard so I tell them that their notes will be sent to them and this means that they relax and focus on the lesson more.”

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