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New programme will differentiate executive education programme within the Asia-Pacific region

The Finnish Aalto University Executive Education and SUTD Deepen Partnership by Co-Developing a New Technology Management Programme

The Finnish Aalto University Executive Education (Aalto EE) and Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) will be deepening their partnership that initially began in 2018.

SUTD is now launching a new programme for technology management, change managers and entrepreneurs in Singapore. This programme is designed and implemented in collaboration with Aalto EE.

In Singapore, management training is a highly competitive field. Strategic alliances with highly ranked and globally renowned universities like Aalto EE will help SUTD differentiate its executive education programme within the Asia-Pacific region.

According to Dr. Pekka Mattila, Group Managing Director of Aalto EE,

“Extensive cooperation also strengthens Aalto EE’s reach in the Singapore market, where operations have continued for more than twenty years. In addition, it is an interesting experiment beyond traditional degree structures.”

“The cooperation between SUTD and Aalto EE combines the Nordic and Asian perspectives in an important and topical area of ​​technology management training. The participants will benefit from the co-operation of the two actors, which complement each other’s know-how,” adds Anu Vänskä, Executive Director of Aalto EE in the Asia-Pacific region.

SUTD’s new ModularMaster in Technology and Management programme focuses on how technology is utilized in management and how transformation is driven in a digitalized world. In addition, the programme develops participants’ business management skills.

SUTD Associate Provost for Undergraduate Studies and SUTD Academy, Prof Pey Kin Leong said:

“We are pleased to deepen our partnership with Aalto EE through the co-creation and co-teaching of modules. The two universities can bring forth our respective capabilities in technology and business to provide a world-class programme that will groom a new breed of leaders with both business acumen and a strong understanding of technology to advance their organisation’s growth.”

Aalto EE’s trainers bring strategy and management skills to the programme, while SUTD’s trainers focus on the technology aspects. In the first modules, teachers include Aalto University’s professor Robin Gustafsson, professor Henri Schildt, Assistant Professor Lauri Saarinen, SUTD’s Dr Jaclyn Lee and Assistant Professor Lim Kwan Hui

Of the seven modules in total, Aalto EE has co-developed six of them together with SUTD. Modules include leading digital strategy and transformation, data science and decision making, innovation by design, artificial intelligence for managers, managing digital design and manufacturing and cybersecurity and managing risks

Classes will begin in February 2022.

Aalto University and SUTD signed an extensive cooperation agreement in December 2018. As a result, Aalto EE and SUTD signed a Memorandum of Understanding in early 2019. The aim of the collaboration is to jointly develop new courses, modules and programmes focusing especially on technology and business management, and to identify professional development needs in various industries.

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