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The National College Testing Association Publishes Proctoring & Monitoring Definitions

NCTA’s releases comprehensive document defining nomenclature surrounding proctoring and monitoring services

Wednesday, May 25, 2022BLAIRSVILLE, Ga. – The National College Testing Association (NCTA) announced today the publication of Proctoring & Monitoring Definitions, NCTA’s comprehensive document for members on common testing modalities used by testing centers. Throughout the last several months, NCTA members have expressed a need for clear and consistent nomenclature surrounding proctoring and monitoring services. 

With this peer reviewed document, the Governing Council hopes to provide much needed verbiage and guidance to members and their institutions when seeking to determine the appropriate level of proctoring or monitoring service for their institutions. This document is intended to assist members in assessing programmatic needs and aligning those needs with monitoring and proctoring services offered.

NCTA President Rachel Hample said, “As more proctoring and monitoring methods are used, it is important to provide clear, consistent terminology to identify the methods available as they are not all the same and offer different benefits. Providing this distinction is helpful in particular in understanding their application in regards to standardization, test security, and users’ needs. The Proctoring & Monitoring Definitions document accomplishes this, offering consistent language and meaning for conversations amongst stakeholders.”

The Proctoring & Monitoring Definitions provide guidance for NCTA members when seeking to select the best tool for their testing needs.

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