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750th Apprentice Graduates End-point Assessment Through EUIAS

SSE Energy Services Dual Fuel Smart Meter Apprentice is the 750th to graduate through the Energy & Utilities Independent Assessment Service

The Energy & Utilities Independent Assessment Service (EUIAS) is celebrating today after successfully completing its 750th end-point assessment on the new English apprentice standards.

The first cohort of SSE Energy Services Dual Fuel Smart Meter Installer apprentices have successfully graduated and are ready for a rewarding career in the industry, including Drew Williams who became the 750th to pass through the EUIAS assessment.

As an employer-led end-point assessment organisation, the Energy & Utilities Independent Assessment Service (EUIAS) provides rigorous and robust end-point assessment to confirm that apprentices can do the job they trained for in specialist, safety critical industries. 

Dr Jacqueline Hall, Associate Director of the Energy & Utilities Independent Assessment Service, said:

“We’re delighted to see Drew and his fellow apprentices successfully pass their end-point assessment for the Dual Fuel Smart Meter Installer standard, part of the first cohort from SSE Energy Services.  The EUIAS graduated its first apprentice back in May 2016 and, nearly three years on, we’re proud to reach this impressive milestone. Drew and his colleagues are a testament to the exciting new talent coming into our sector. 

“It’s essential these specialist apprentices are disciplined, customer-focused and take a professional approach to their work. After 14 months of training, development and hard work, the EUIAS end-point assessment is a vital part of the apprenticeship journey and ensures they are equipped with the skills they need for their future career. We congratulate them all as they take the next steps in their careers.” 

Neil Dickinson, Head of Resourcing, Assurance & Commercial Metering at SSE Energy Services said;

“In the summer of 2017 SSE Energy Services introduced an Apprenticeship route, broadening the scope of our apprenticeship Dual Fuel Smart Meter Installer programme. Since launching the Apprenticeship Programme, we have received applications from a diverse range of individuals, from those taking their first steps into a new career to those wishing to re-train in a new skill.

“SSE Energy Services are proud to be involved in this Apprenticeship Programme and to support an in-depth training programme for a number of new entrants into our Smart workforce: they are a vital part of the delivery of smart meters and have proven themselves to be fantastic ambassadors for the company and the SSE Energy Services brand.” 

Judy Preece, Apprenticeship Performance & Quality Manager at SSE Energy Services, commented:

“We work closely with Energy & Utilities Independent Assessment Service to ensure our apprentices are assessed to the highest standard. EUIAS has offered a wealth of support to SSE Energy Services throughout the set-up and growth of the programme through workshops and guidance sessions, and has been instrumental in the training and support offered to our internal technical experts. EUIAS has consistently provided a high-quality independent assessment service, ensuring our apprentices are competently and safely trained.”

Drew Williams, the 750th Apprentice to pass the through the EUIAS, said:

“Since joining as an apprentice with SSE in 2017 I have thoroughly enjoyed my time. The whole process and SSE have been fantastic. My training has been to a high standard and I feel this has set the bar for other companies to aspire to. Every person I have worked with has been great, from Managers, mentor, engineers and the on boarding team. There’s never a bad time to ask questions, everyone was always so helpful and supportive throughout my apprenticeship. I’m looking forward now to using my newly learned skills to their full potential and becoming the best engineer I can.”

The Dual Fuel Smart Meter Installer Apprenticeship Standard was designed in collaboration with leading employers, including SSE. By collaborating with leading utility employers, the EUIAS has facilitated a Government approved apprenticeship standard that meets the needs of the sector and enables apprentices to work successfully across the Power and Gas industries.

The EUIAS offers ten apprenticeship standards to meet the needs of the energy and utility sector, as well as engineering and manufacturing industries. 

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