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AoC Sport virtual challenges increased participation and student wellbeing during pandemic


AoC Sport is releasing an impact report on Monday 28 June charting the successful shift to online delivery during the pandemic and the various ways AoC Sport supported member colleges.

The report shows there was an increased appetite and engagement from colleges to take part in virtual challenges organised by AoC Sport, especially via social media. Through integrating sport challenges that students could do at home for the first time ever via apps like Strava, thousands of students across the country could participate and have a connection with their peers.


Many colleges cited the positive effects of being able to engage in activities virtually, particularly the Lunar Challenge which took place during lockdown, and the benefits to the mental wellbeing of students.


Dean Hardman, AoC Director of Sport and Student Experience said:

“The report shows that AoC Sport has worked hard throughout the pandemic to support colleges in new and innovative ways despite physical activity not taking place. The success of our virtual challenges and the feedback about the mental health benefits demonstrates not only the importance of community in college sport but also the flexibility and the resilience of the FE sector. We know that much of this practice will remain long after the pandemic and look forward to more colleges and students than ever getting involved in sport and physical activity.”

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