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Applaud supports seamless HR experiences with official templates launch

Applaud (@ApplaudHR), the leading workforce experience layer, today formally announces the availability of templates. 

The no-code HR software as a service (SaaS) solution, already known for it’s fast implementation capabilities, has gone one step further, enabling users to choose from a library of best practice templates (workflows, content pages, journeys) and drag and drop into their own environments, cutting down implementation times yet again.

As the proliferation of HR systems continues to grow – almost all (84%) of organisations have between 6-15 HR systems in place – Applaud provides a way for businesses to collate their HR tools and processes into a centralised platform, delivering a next-gen employee experience and improving efficiencies.

Traditionally, organisations looking to implement new HR tools have been forced to rip out their existing systems – facing company-wide disruption and lengthy implementation projects. One of the primary benefits of the Applaud cloud SaaS solution is that it’s fully interoperable, meaning the entire tech stack can remain in place alleviating these issues, and connecting up all existing services. 

As a no-code solution, the service is fast to implement and easy to utilise. It comes equipped with a heap of ‘HR Aware’ features and now, a vast library of templates enabling users to rapidly deploy pages and workflows to implement best practice processes like leave, transfers and off-boarding.

Josh Bersin, industry expert said when discussing the solution:

“Applaud have built a plug and play, templatized based, employee experience system, and it’s really cool. The system is like the Wix or SquareSpace of employee portals – developer tools that you don’t have to be a developer to use. You can move objects around on the screen and build an experience for the employee, making it really easy to do something that wouldn’t be easy to do with a back-end system.”

This comes at a time where organisations and HR teams are laser focused on keeping their employees motivated and engaged. Traditional HR technologies lack the agility that modern HR leaders need to experiment and evolve their digital employee experiences around the needs of their employees. Applaud is already widely used by a number of well known organisations and is helping to bridge the gap between HR teams, managers and employees, many of which are still unable to meet face to face. The pandemic cast an unforgiving spotlight on old-fashioned HR tech as many businesses failed to adapt to the demands of a remote/hybrid workforce. Applaud is filling a gap in the market for organisations looking to deliver consumer-grade, digital HR experiences for their workforce in a competitive market for talent.

Duncan Casemore, Co-founder and CTO, Applaud said:

“Many organisations are struggling to support employees due to clunky, error prone, hard to navigate HR technology. The proliferation of new systems – with businesses now running up to 15 HR tools at one time – is only adding to the problem.

“Built on the belief that employees should have the same exceptional technology experiences inside the world of work, as they expect outside as consumers, Applaud alleviates these issues. It’s a fully no-code SaaS solution that enables businesses to keep all of their HR systems in one place, and most importantly employees happy and motivated.”

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