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Apprenticeship numbers skyrocket in the months leading up to Levy reforms

Apprenticeship starts increased by 47% in the period of February to April of this year. Although it is common to see apprenticeship numbers increase after the turn of the year, 2017 has seen a staggering three times the average increase. This will naturally lead to larger numbers of learners with additional learning needs coming on program which is likely to heavily impact on assessors’ time and support efforts.

Due to many employers now making mandatory cash payments to the Apprenticeship Levy ‘pot’ for the first time, there will be more funding made available for apprenticeships. Employers will now be able to dedicate more resources to their apprentice programmes; supporting learners in fulfilling their potential.

At CognAssist, we understand that one size does not fit all and we are dedicated to helping employers support their neurodiverse learners. CognAssist has assessed over 10,000 apprentices to date and of those, we have successfully identified almost 20% as having some form of hidden additional learning need.

Our CEO Chris Quickfall commented on the increase in apprenticeships: “It’s fantastic to see such a dramatic rise in the numbers of apprenticeships. We are constantly reviewing and adapting our product for apprentices so that we can present innovative ways to recognise and respond to learner needs. We aim to support not only learners but also their assessors in this journey, making the process as easy as possible for everyone.

We recognise that it is vital to give learners with an additional learning need the support that they need to achieve their full potential and with the number of apprenticeships substantially increasing we want to ensure that all training providers have the tools needed to deliver this goal.”

How CognAssist can support apprenticeships

Of the 52,000 new apprenticeship starts, an estimated 10,000 could have some form of hidden additional learning need. CognAssist quickly and easily identifies neurodiverse learners. Learners receive an assessment report and access to tailored learning strategies to support their needs.

We can give your organisation the tools it needs to support neurodiverse learners and provide the evidence needed to support the drawdown of Learning Support Funding1 for those learners identified, which is £150 per learner, per month.

If you would like to find out more about how we can support your organisation and learners please email our Sales Executive Leah Grimshaw or phone 07766916221.


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