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Apprenticeship puts Mike in right place for exciting new GDPR role

A successful future in Data Protection and Compliance – where new legislation is creating many fresh workplace challenges – has put former apprentice Mike Williams on a rewarding career path.

Mike, now 25, started his career as a Sales and Marketing Apprentice within the Corporate Services team at Progress to Excellence Ltd. Seven years later he has worked his way up the career ladder to be the company’s Quality, Compliance and Data Protection Officer.

He said: “Data protection is a massive issue now, particularly in a business like this where we are dealing with thousands of employers and learners.

“It’s hugely rewarding as I’m not only managing the GDPR compliance for the company but also line-managing two members of staff while also quality assuring company-wide policies, procedures, documentation and resources.”

All of Mike’s achievements have been reached due to the decision he made to go down the apprenticeship route.

He explained: “It seems like a lifetime ago now but I have learned so much from when I first started. Completing apprenticeships has not only developed my career and improved my work skills but has also shaped me into the person I am today.”

Since joining the business, Mike has studied an array of apprenticeships, including business administration from level 2 up to level 4, showing the scope of career progression when it comes to an apprenticeship. He is currently finishing his Training, Assessment and Quality Assurance (TAQA) qualification.

Mike added: “When I was 18 and just starting out in the world of work, I had no idea of the possibilities that would be available to me by learning on the job as an apprentice.

“The thing I love the most about my career journey is that I have been able to complete all of my training while still working full-time. After initially being taken on as an apprentice, I was then kept on as an administrator where I was paid the same as everyone else but I continued to study apprenticeships to help me climb the career ladder.

“Most recently, when I started my TAQA qualification, I did so with the aim of moving over to become an Assessor. Now this new opportunity has presented itself to me, I am excited to get stuck in and support the business to ensure it is GDPR compliant.

“None of this would have been possible without my apprenticeship where I’ve had hands-on experience in so many different parts of the business. It’s made me multi-skilled and, most importantly, my employer has been able to see exactly what my strengths and abilities are and then give me access to such amazing job opportunities.”

To find out more about apprenticeship training with Progress to Excellence Ltd, email or call 0151 650 6933.

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