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Apprenticeship service registrations and commitments

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DfE and ESFA have today (6 July) released statistics from the apprenticeship service including registered apprenticeship services accounts and commitments, reported to 31 May 2017.

This release provides headline experimental statistics on the use of the apprenticeship service. These include apprenticeship service account registrations (ASAs) and numbers of commitments, where an apprentice who is expected to go on to start has been recorded in the system.

They will publish these statistics on a monthly basis but may adjust content and timing as feedback is assessed. They will take into account what data is reported in this new system and how this is happening.

Changes to the way apprenticeship funding works were introduced and implemented from May 2017. Guidance about these changes and paying the apprenticeship levy can be found here.

For more further education (FE) statistics, please refer to the FE and skills statistical first release (SFR), and the FE data library.

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