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Bernie walks for apprentices in need

‘Do you ever stop to wonder how we take a lot of things for granted? Having a home? Enough food to eat? Clothes to wear?’ These were the question Bernard Jordan was asking on his crowdfunding page as he worked to raise money for the Work Based Learning Hardship Fund.

He went on to say: “Some of our students face times when they are in dire need of the basics just to live. Our amazing Apprentice Support Officers provide much needed help to those apprentices. I’m fundraising to provide supplies which can be used to help those most vulnerable.”

Bernie, a Maths Functional Skills Tutor at Salford City College, was raising money for the fund which has been set up by the college’s Work Based Learning Team. His aim was to raise £500 for the cause and he made his money walking The Camino de Santiago de Compostela, a 780km, major Christian pilgrimage route through Spain, which takes around 5-weeks to complete.

The route, which is a popular but challenging hike, took Bernie 30 days of continuous walking to complete. He set off on his hike on December 2 2017 and arrived at Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain, on New Year’s Eve. He said: “It was an amazing experience with some fantastic views, beautiful scenery, and friendly people. I walked with some interesting people of many nationalities and shared some unique experiences. Thanks again to everyone who has sent messages of support and donated, it helped keep me going when the days were tough.”

And Bernie was even more elated to have hit his £500 target for the fund: “I am very happy that we’ve exceeded the target of £500. We’ve raised over £1000 so far for the Apprentice Hardship Fund and this will make a huge difference to many lives.”

The Salford City College Apprenticeship Team are unique in that they employ two Apprentice Support Officers, whose main focus is to care for and assist all apprentices whilst they carry out their qualification and time with their employer.

To date, support officers have helped with a number of student issues. From emotional and behavioural difficulties, sexual and domestic abuse, mental health problems, family and relationship difficulties to housing and financial troubles.

They set up the Apprentice Hardship Fund to offer additional financial support for those who need that little extra assistance.

To find out more about apprenticeships at Salford City College and the support they offer their apprentices, call 0161 631 5555. 

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