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BI Norwegian Business School joins international centre for banking studies

The BI Norwegian Business School is the newest institution to join the European Banking Institute (EBI). Based in Frankfurt, the EBI is an international centre for banking studies including 31 of Europe’s most prominent academic institutions, covering 21 European countries and aiming to have full European outreach.

EBI’s role is to assist top academics in the fields of banking regulation and to develop new ideas. Members share and coordinate their commitments and research to provide the highest quality legal, economic and accounting studies in the field of banking regulation, supervision, and resolution in Europe.

Dr. Gstädtner, President of the EBI Supervisory Board, says,

“I am delighted that the BI Norwegian Business School has joined the EBI academic membership and I am confident that it will bring a lot of added value to the EBI activities. Banking and Capital Markets are in urgent need for a proactive and innovative academic research which would aim to inform and support the efforts of regulators in this area.”

The EBI shares research findings amongst academics through publications, seminars, and conferences and fosters academic research via the taskforces and sponsored research programmes. Dialogue is promoted between scholars, supervisors, industry representatives and advisors in relation to issues concerning the regulation and supervision of financial institutions and markets from a legal, economic and any other related viewpoint.

“By joining forces with other top European institutions in EBI, we gain additional insight beneficial to our faculty’s interdisciplinary research,” says Professor Morten Kinander at the school’s Department of Law and Governance.

Professor Hilde Bjørnland, Provost of Research and Academic Resources at BI Norwegian Business School, says,

“This is a great opportunity to promote our researchers and build new research networks with peers within law and banking. Through EBI, we can strengthen our external visibility and increase our impact of research to industry, business, and policymakers.”

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