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British Airways visit The Henley College Travel & Tourism students

Our Travel and Tourism level 3 students were lucky enough to be visited today by 3 British Airways staff. Suzanne Sandford; inflight Business Manager (IBM), Christopher West- inflight Business Manager (IBM) and Cameron Bell- Student Ambassador.

British Airways discussed the Recruitment and Selection Process and also covered work experience and apprenticeships. Students were also very knowledgeable about British Airways when asked questions.

Suzanne (inflight Business Manager) was very impressed with how the students came across and also how many had made a real effort to dress smart and done their research on British Airways. She said “The students were an excellent and positive representation of Henley College”.

Travel and Tourism teacher, Hannah McPhee, said – “Suzanne and Christopher are keen to help our students and would love to come in next academic year for a whole day and conduct interviews and do group tasks as if the students were going for an interview. I am very pleased that the students were engaged and they mentioned two names that had clearly made a huge effort with appearance and contribution during the session. They gave a lot of useful advice and I feel the students took a lot away, including explaining about all the different opportunities they offered such as apprenticeship and work experience.”

The students gave some excellent feedback including:

“I feel as if today has fuelled my love and ambitions to have a career as a pilot with British Airways”  – Ella Eacott

 “I absolutely loved the talk from British Airways, I found it very helpful and it helped me decide that I definitely want to work with the airline. They were very clear about their expectations as a company which I believe will help me know how I need to be and which weaknesses I need to work on. They were absolutely amazing and very clear. It was very obvious that they were proud to be part of British Airways.” – Saffaa Ouardi


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