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Art Deco Mendham Orchestra Partners with Guildhawk During Pandemic to Produce Sensational Songs & Show

Bill board advert for premier concert of Fascinatin Rhythm the amazing new album of hit songs from the art deco Jazz Age by Alex Mendham and his Orchestra and Guildhawk

Concerned at how COVID-19 was devastating for musicians, Guildhawk CEO Jurga Zilinskiene MBE and Director David Clarke formed a joint venture with the young British bandleader Alex Mendham to use the time in lockdown to create a music history making song catalogue that will be premiered live in London on 1 October 2021.

The aim of the collaboration is to help artists during the COVID-19 crisis and bring happiness to the world after the pandemic by recreating the hit songs that uplifted millions following the darkness of 1918 and uniquely, to recreate these with complete authenticity.

The venture aims to educate people about the kind stories within great songs from the dawn of the Jazz Age that have been forgotten or are unknown to many today. The remastered songs will allow audiences to hear the music exactly as they sound when they were released a century ago.

In addition to its development of new software with Sheffield Hallam University and Artificial Intelligence powered multilingual avatars, Guildhawk specialises translating songs and plays, a talent that employs all the beauty of the human brain. Guildhawk CEO Jurga and her company experienced serious disruption to business too but she is quick to say,

“Our problems were nothing compared to those felt by artists like Alex. We were able to move everyone to remote working and weather the storm. Entertainers can’t do that and we wanted to help.”

Alex has an impeccable style and meticulous attention to detail when it comes to the glamourous era of Art Deco and jazz and watching his show, you could be forgiven for thinking you were partying at the Coconut Grove in the Roaring Twenties. Appearing on the BBC and captivating audiences of all ages at festivals and iconic venues like the Savoy in London and the Cicada Club in LA, Alex and his glamourous young eleven piece Art Deco orchestra transcends time and space to transport fans to the heart of the forgotten, hot-jazz era.

The album will be premiered at the Fascinatin Rhythm show at Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, Holborn on 1st October 2021. The audience includes specially invited guests from the NHS, Care Workers and other heroes from the COVID front line who are being thanked for their extraordinary devotion.

Continuing the creative, music history making theme, the show takes guests on an exciting voyage to experience the music and lifestyle of the New Jazz Age using dramatised stories of iconic people, places and music, past present and future.

The joint venture is a testament to what can be achieved when businesses unite. The orchestra that pivoted is back with vivacity and this time they are performing red hot hits that will make your heart sing long after we emerge from this dark period.

NHS staff and Care professionals can register for tickets for this show via the Concerts for Carers website. Tickets are also on sale on Alex’s website and the album is available to pre-order.

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