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@CAVC offers new course to build up budding civil engineers, quantity surveyors and architects

Cardiff and Vale College is launching a new course to help people lay the foundations for a career in the project management and civil engineering side of construction.

The one-year Level 3 Construction and Built Environment Diploma is aimed at giving people a wider picture of the construction industry and providing a gateway to Higher Education.

The subject is ideal for students wishing to become an architect, building surveyor, construction manager, civil engineer, quantity surveyor or any other professional career in the sector. It encompasses a wide range of subject areas such as sustainable construction, maths, science and materials in construction and the built environment, building technology, graphical detailing, project management, surveying and property law.

The course is linked in with the Career Ready Think Build programme. Career Ready is a UK-wide charity that links employers with schools and colleges to prepare young people for the world of work. CAVC students can apply to join the programme alongside their course and receive mentoring, workplace visits and internships.

Think Build Level 3 is designed to address skills shortages in the construction industry. The Chartered Institute of Building estimates that the industry will need to find nearly 224,000 new recruits across the UK between 2016 and 2017.

The course has been endorsed by two leading firms, Wates and Arcadis, who will offer work placements, site visits and summer internships to all learners on the CAVC Level Construction and Built Environment Diploma.

Cardiff and Vale College Career Ready Co-ordinator Tracy Bird said: “Most people think that if you go to a building site you will just be working as a builder – they only tend to think of the construction side and not the elements of engineering involved in construction. The industry is about far more than that – quantity surveyors have to manage each and every cost relating to all building and civil engineering projects from start to finish, for example.

“This course will give people a much bigger picture of the industry. It has been designed by Career Ready working with people from right across the construction sector – Wates and Arcadis have agreed to take on 30 people, pay their Career Ready fees, and provide mentors and internships.

“It is a perfect introduction to a much wider range of career opportunities within construction than many people are aware of.”

Career Ready South West Regional Manager Simon Page said: “The Career ready team at Cardiff and vale College are a perfect example of how employers and educators can work together. Learners following the College’s Career Ready programme gain industry insight, experience and connections which positively impact them now and in the future.

“Supporting employers get the chance to directly engage with learners to develop the skills and attitudes they need in future employees. Career Ready is very excited to partner with Cardiff and Vale College on the Think Build programme to engage a vital industry for Wales and wider.”

For more information about the one-year Level 3 Construction and Built Environment Diploma cllick here.

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