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Celebrating National Apprenticeship Week 2018: OneFile style

National Apprenticeship Week is the biggest 7 days in the sector calendar – so to celebrate, OneFile is taking to the streets to spread the word. 

OneFile loves apprenticeships. They’ve pioneered technology for apprenticeships for over a decade and recently won the 2017 Queen’s Award for Innovation for their eportfolio app. But more than being a tech giant, OneFile is a leading authority on apprenticeships, helping people navigate the new world through workshops, resources and events.

OneFile is all about raising awareness and championing apprenticeships, so this week they’re using their platform to promote apprenticeships more than ever before.  

To celebrate National Apprenticeship Week, OneFile is reaching out to the business community. They’re sending postcards to organisations across the UK to raise awareness and highlight the benefits apprenticeships can bring.

OneFile hopes to twist a few employers’ arms – and show them how spending their levy funds on apprenticeships can make a huge difference to their business. 

But it doesn’t stop there – the OneFilers are also braving the streets. In a magical game of Find your Future, OneFile’s resident psychic – Mystic Mike – will be inviting passing Mancunians to play games and watch magic tricks to enter prize draws.  

But this is magic with an added twist. The name of the game isn’t to find a coin behind your ear, but to look into the future and see how apprenticeships can help you build the career of your dreams.

Players will get a feel for the types of apprenticeships out there and how they can be used to shape their future career.  

OneFile will be taking snaps, gifs and vids to post online, so join them on social media to get involved and enter the prize draw! 

Supporting over 600,000 users worldwide, OneFile is the UK’s leading eportfolio for learning and development – and winner of the 2017 Queen’s Award for Innovation. But we do more than sell software. We believe people deserve to reach their full potential – that’s why we’ve made it our mission to shape the futures of 1 million people by 2020.  

To achieve this, we’ve developed OneFile into an all-in-one learning software ideal for all types of vocational training.

It’s a training eportfolio, assessment software, learning environment and CPD tracker – with more features than any other on the market.  

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