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City & Guilds Group has submitted its response to the Government’s Comprehensive Spending Review

@CityGuildsGroup’s submission Reskilling Britain for a brighter future calls for £60 million investment over 3 years, creating a network of Employment and Training Hubs across the UK to fast track re-employment of adults displaced by Covid-19 and build lasting infrastructure for continuous improvement of UK workforce resilience and productivity.

We also recommend more effective reallocation of £1 billion investment from planned Government funding, augmented by devolved Adult Education Budget allocations to ensure all post-compulsory education adults have access to Adult Training Allowance Loans to meet employer and labour market demand.

kirstie donnelly 100x100Commenting on the submission, City & Guilds Group CEO Kirstie Donnelly MBE said:

I am proud to share with you our Comprehensive Spending Review submission which encapsulates our purpose and the role we can play in helping stem the significant unemployment issues we face as a result of Covid-19.

Our submission provides a mix of ‘Act Now’ solutions, along with pragmatic approaches to funding skills and jobs solutions from existing funding sources, alongside some real innovation in respect to the service and delivery propositions we are proposing.

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