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Closing the Productivity Skills Gap with a Managerial-level Apprenticeship

According to the Business in Britain Manufacturing report carried out by Lloyds Bank the productivity skills gap is most noticeable at management level.

The results show that while 88% of manufacturers have skills shortages almost half come from higher levels, with just 37% saying their managers are fully equipped for the future.

‘Large manufacturers are being brutally honest about the skills shortage and are highlighting that the problem is most pronounced at management levels. Most experts agree good management is key to improving productivity. It is clear the sector needs to invest in up-skilling the next generation of managers now.’ – Steve Harris, Head of Manufacturing Lloyds Bank

If some of these statements are ringing true, and you feel your business is in a similar situation, an apprenticeship may be the route to go down. Whilst we offer a range of apprenticeships for people at all levels and at all stages of their career, our Leadership and Management Apprenticeship can be taken by current managers, and runs alongside their existing role, meaning the impact is almost immediate.

This apprenticeship will develop junior managers and team leaders to provide direction and guidance to their teams and equip senior managers with the knowledge and techniques to succeed, drive growth and meet your goals. Take a look at the information sheet for more detail on how the course will support your managers.

Anna Goodship, Marketing and Communications Manager at Futures, who is currently halfway through the apprenticeship, is already benefiting from the course,

“I have a new enthusiasm for my work, and that is primarily due to the structure and inspiration I’m getting from this apprenticeship.”

Find out more about our Leadership and Management Apprenticeship or get in touch to discuss your options.

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