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CNet Training Launch ‘Apprenticeship in a Box’ in response to increased demand for smart building technology

CNet Training Launch ‘Apprenticeship in a Box’ to Encourage Careers and career Development in the Network Infrastructure Sector.

The network cable infrastructure sector is beset with significant skills shortages. 

One of the biggest challenges the Network Infrastructure sector faces over the coming years is a serious lack of knowledge and awareness of the sector as a career possibility which is leading to a shortage of skilled individuals that can manage and support the ever-increasing demand for data.  

There is also a need for a real and long-term commitment from senior business leaders in the sector to continually look to invest and create ideas on how to grow awareness and develop the industry as a whole.

The team here at CNet is passionate about the industry and committed to providing career pathways for people to get into the sector.

The majority of people currently working in the sector didn’t choose a career in the data centre or network infrastructure sector, most people have fallen into their roles and have developed and learnt as they went.

We are looking to lead the way in providing information and knowledge of the sector early on in schools so that young people are aware of the wide array of opportunities the sector has to offer and turn it into an industry that people want to join and grow within.

The apprenticeship, as well as our entire technical education framework, provides a career path for people, informing them of the technical career opportunities that the data centre and network infrastructure sector can provide. 

However, as with any sector, there are many other opportunities too, such as accounts, marketing, sales and all the other usual business support roles, so the opportunities really are quite great.

‘Apprenticeship in a box’

The team here at CNet Training has been working hard over the past few years to create an ‘apprenticeship in a box’ concept that we hope will motivate companies to grow their technical team.

We can now provide the industry with a structured and funded route that can help companies bring new recruits to the company as well as training existing team members.

The apprenticeship from CNet provides the business and learner with everything they need, ready for the apprentice to just get going and start learning straight away.

The Certified Network Cable Installer (CNCI®) Apprenticeship has been long awaited and we’re all delighted that CNet Training will be the first company in England and Wales to offer a government funded apprenticeship for the Network Infrastructure sector.

This announcement is a massive step forward in the sector and we’re excited to help inspire a generation into the sector, and one that might have never previously considered it as a career option following school education.

One of the key benefits of an apprenticeship is that it teaches best practices from day one, all learners are trained by experts in the industry and are educated and certified properly from the very start which therefore gives them a great starting point in their career, as well as looking highly desirable to companies in the future who can be sure that the candidate has had world-class training and is confident and competent in what the role requires of them.

The Network Infrastructure sector is often referred to as the ‘fourth utility’, it is the backbone to our everyday lives and vital in many critical situations; air traffic control, hospitals, traffic lights and railways.

With a huge increase in demand for smart building technology, including wireless access devices, CCTV cameras, door access controls and biometric security systems it is putting increasing pressure on the infrastructure, so now more than ever it’s absolutely paramount that companies have confident and competent staff to monitor and manage the installation, maintenance and design.

The CNCI® Apprenticeship is available across England and Wales, the program takes around 12-15 months to complete and the apprentice will benefit from on and off-the-job training and activities; shadowing, mentoring, training and specialist external education programs.

An Apprenticeship is hugely beneficial, not only does it teach highly technical industry skills, but the apprentice also gains a large variety of transferable skills that are valuable across any career going forward.

The career opportunities and future progression within this sector are vast, having the CNCI® certification and qualification opens a lot of doors and opportunities to venture into more specialist areas of technology.

Individuals may look to expand their knowledge and skills into wireless or more integrated technology or prefer to become a site manager, network infrastructure designer or enter the essential data centre sector as a technician.

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