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Regulating apprenticeship end point assessments

Sally Collier Chief Regulator

Decisions on Conditions, guidance and requirements for Ofqual-regulated apprenticeship end-point assessments

This consultation relates to Ofqual’s external quality assurance of apprenticeship end-point assessments. It is about the rules and guidance we propose to apply, and those that we intend to disapply. Where we are not involved in regulating an end-point assessment, our rules will not apply.

The government is introducing new standards-based apprenticeships in England, led by the Institute for Apprenticeships (the Institute). Each new apprenticeship will require an apprentice to take an end-point assessment to complete their apprenticeship. The end-point assessment is an assessment of the knowledge, skills and behaviours that demonstrate the occupational competence required for the apprenticeship. It is intended to make sure the apprentice meets the standard set by employers and is fully competent in the occupation.

To make sure each end-point assessment is of the required standard, it must be subject to external quality assurance. There are four possible options for providing this external quality assurance. These are the Institute, Ofqual, professional bodies, or employer groups.Where Ofqual is the external quality assurance provider, we will regulate the end-point assessment in the same way we regulate other qualifications – against our “General Conditions of Recognition”. We propose however to make some slight changes to our requirements – as we do for qualifications such as GCSEs and A levels, and are proposing to do for reformed functional skills qualifications. This will make sure we can take account of the specific way that end-point assessments are delivered, by removing unnecessary rules, providing bespoke guidance, and ensuring the rules that we apply are appropriate.

We are interested in views on our proposed rules and guidance from anyone that has an interest in reformed apprenticeships. We think that this consultation is likely to be of particular interest to end-point assessment organisations. Our consultation questions can be answered either online or in hard copy. We look forward to hearing from you.

Sally Collier Chief Regulator

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