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COP26 launches environment education packs for UK students

Schools across the UK are being encouraged to start a conversation on climate change with their students, ahead of the UK hosting global climate summit COP26 later this year, as the Together for Our Planet Schools Pack launches today (Thursday 10 June)

  • UK schools to promote the environment to students ahead of COP26 climate conference in November
  • Prime Minister visits school in Cornwall as part of school education pack launch
  • Education Pack to encourage student climate leaders to come forward as an inspiration to others

Schools across the UK are being encouraged to start a conversation on climate change with their students, ahead of the UK hosting global climate summit COP26 later this year, as the Together for Our Planet Schools Pack launches today (Thursday 10 June).

The pack, which is hosted on the COP26 website and sent to UK schools, is designed to engage students on climate action, encourage conversations about tackling climate change, and help students learn more about the COP26 summit in Glasgow this year. This will include a guide for running a green assembly, along with ideas like a ‘walk to school’ week and resources that have been created by the likes of WWF and TED Talks to support schools.

Ahead of the G7 Leaders’ Summit, the Prime Minister will visit a school in Cornwall today to see how schools and students are already playing their part in protecting the environment and learning about the fight against climate change.

As part of the pack, there will also be content focused on identifying the UK’s future student climate leaders, remarkable young people who are already contributing to climate action in many ways including recycling, eating seasonal foods and walking to school. The actions that schools and pupils are taking across the country will help inspire others to follow their lead.

On the launch of pack, the COP26 President-Designate, Alok Sharma said:

The role of young people in tackling climate change, one of the greatest challenges of our generation, will be crucial.

I am delighted to see this school pack being launched today which will be made available right across the UK so that pupils can bring discussion and debate on the environment directly to their classrooms.

It will be exciting to see young people engage on this pressing issue ahead of COP26.

The Secretary of State for Education, Gavin Williamson said:

When I visit schools around the country, something I’m always struck by is how engaged in environmental issues young people are. Tackling climate change requires action from each of us on an individual and collective basis and this pack helps schools encourage both those things.

I’m excited to see how schools’ climate leaders bring their passion, creativity and intelligence to help us secure a sustainable future.

Matt Larsen-Daw, Education Manager, WWF-UK said:

I’m delighted to be involved in the launch of today’s Together For Our Planet Schools Pack and to have been part of its development.

Young people have the biggest stake in the outcomes of the UN COP in November, and it is vital that they are informed and engaged as this pivotal milestone in the fight against climate change takes place on their doorstep, here in the UK.

This pack can help educators bring COP and the issues it seeks to address to life for their students and the whole school community.

Matt Hipperson, Head Teacher, St Luke’s CEVA Primary School said:

The issue of climate change is probably the most important problem of our age. It is destroying opportunities for large areas of our planet to prosper and live sustainably.

Our most important resource in the struggle against the impact of climate change is our young people who have the bravery to make the changes needed to give the world hope for a sustainable future.

This resource will help our children access trustworthy information, organise their thoughts and work towards the solutions that our planet is crying out for.

The UK will host the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow on 1 – 12 November 2021.


The COP26 summit will bring parties together to accelerate action towards the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.


The UK is committed to working with all countries and joining forces with civil society, companies and people on the frontline of climate change to inspire climate action ahead of COP26.


Specifically, the School’s Pack includes a Green Assembly Guide to help teachers run an assembly that informs children about climate change and empowers them with positive climate action ideas. Additional assets for download include social media explainers about COP26 and climate change/action, as well as usable Zoom backgrounds, social media templates and GIFs to help celebrate COP26 and young climate leaders.

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